Watch South Park New Episode Preview: ‘Cartman Finds Love’ [VIDEO]

The first Episode of South Park's 16th season took on the controversial Transportation Security Administration, as well as the age-old debate between men and woman over the position of the toilet seat. Titled, Reverse Cowgirl, the episode also touched on the American obsession with lawsuits and was in the vein of the show's more topical episodes, with the funniest jokes coming from central characters Eric Cartman and Randy Marsh.

The episode begins in schoolmate Clyde's home, where his mother is shouting at him for once again leaving the toilet seat up in front of his friends and the show's four main characters, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters.

What if I had fallen in? Put it down! PUT IT DOWN! she yells.

After she leaves Cartman offers Clyde his pity, saying, a mom shouldn't be allowed to put rules on toilet time like that. Toilet time is the last bastion of American freedom.

Butters is confused. He thought that everyone sat on the toilet facing in so they could use the tank as a shelf for their comic book and chocolate milk.

The next day at school Clyde's mom shows up to yell at him again.

If I had sat down I would have gotten toilet water all over my vagina!

My grandma's from Virginia, responds Butters.

After embarrassing her son in front of his classmates, Clyde's mom brings him home to punish him, but apparently it doesn't sink in because that night he forgets to put the seat down again, with dire consequences. His mom falls into the toilet and gets fatally stuck.

While she fell in she also made it flush. It's creating a suction that's pulling out her insides explains an EMT.

At the funeral her corpse is still stuck in the toilet, and her family and friends take the opportunity to debate who's responsibility it is to make sure the toilet seat is down.

Following the funeral we are introduced to a new government organization called the Toilet Safety Administration. The TSA show up at the Cartmans' home to install a government regulated toilet safety belt, to ensure that no one else falls in and dies.

Meanwhile, the boys want to lift the blame off Clyde and visit a lawyer to ask, We were wondering if we could sue somebody?

You can always sue somebody, the lawyer responds passionately.

After deciding to sue the Inventor of the toilet, who'se been dead for centuries, the lawyer suggests a su-ance, in which they will contact and then prosecute the dead.

Returning to the TSA plotline, we see Randy on the toilet not wearing his safety harness. A TSA agent with a ladder knocks on the window to grill him for not wearing the belt and writes up a ticket.

I'm not gonna fall in; I'm not a chick, whines Randy.

Things have gotten worse at a public bathroom, where the TSA agents are wiping everyone's butts for them. Worse, they're filming everyone's bathroom activities, which are watched by one creepy looking TSA agent who appears to be playing with himself while watching Americans in their bathrooms.


South Park takes on the TSA in season 16 episode 1.

Enough is enough, and Cartman holds a meeting, suggesting that they nail all their toilet seats down so the government can't make toilet seat laws.

Sorry women will have to deal with a little splash of pee on the rim, he says.

A debate between the men and women present concludes that guys refuse to pee sitting down, and women refuse to let guys splash on the seat

I think we'll just have to learn to live with the TSA, concludes Randy.

Following the failed meeting Cartman takes matters into his own hands, breaching bathroom security by bringing a gun, a baby and a tied-up TSA agent into the bathroom before covering up the camera lens with spray paint.

The news goes national and Randy tells a TV interviewers that the citizens are fed up with the incompetent TSA.

It is time for all all to grow up. It is time for a sue-ance!

Clyde's mom's ghost shows up at sue-ance in court and says the lawyer is a fraud and con artist

Putting the toilet seat down is a question of simple etiquette, she chides. It's common sense.

Then the ghost of the inventor of the porcelain toilet machine shows up to say, you can't sue me. You're all using my toilet invention the wrong way.

It turns out Butters was right all along, as the inventor points points, this way you don't have to look at your own poo before flushing. The end.

South Park will return next week with another new episode. Watch the full episode Reverse Cowgirl here.