Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was out partying at Sayers Club in Hollywood and her departure from the club may leave her in legal hot water once again.

Lohan was pulling out of the club when paparazzi in front of the Hookah Lounge swarmed the car and blocked her from leaving. She then made a 3-point turn and grazed the knee of the manager of the Hookah Lounge. Lohan sped off and initially the manager said he was fine and the police closed the case.

Now it seems, according to TMZ, that the manager will lawyer up and press charges. Initially, he told paparazzi at the scene that he didn't need medical attention and that he didn't know who Lindsay Lohan was because he isn't from this country. A witness said that the manager seemed fine, but he later started complaining he was injured and went to the emergency room.

[He] got up and started smoking his hookah, a witness told TMZ.

Lohan was seen driving the car out of the club, but was spotted down the street sitting in the passenger's seat.

Lohan was not arrested, but the cops will open a hit-and-run investigation, if the manager decides to file a report. A hit-and-run case could be grounds for a probation violation in Lohan's shoplifting case.