Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling was reportedly "quarantined like an Ebola patient," but she has a possible pneumonia. Reuters

Tori Spelling reportedly fell ill and wound up isolated in the hospital, but it wasn’t for Ebola, the deadly virus that has caused panic. The “True Tori” reality star reportedly had a “cough attack” and was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital Saturday, Us Weekly wrote. She was admitted for severe bronchitis and possible pneumonia.

The former “90210” star is apparently being “quarantined like an Ebola patient,” TMZ wrote. Even though Spelling had some scary-sounding symptoms -- fever, trouble breathing and severe coughing -- she does not appear to have the deadly disease. Doctors are reportedly running blood tests and a doctor is going to check for bronchitis, the news site added.

Spelling was in the middle of filming her Lifetime reality show when she was hospitalized, Us Weekly said. She is still being treated at the facility and might remain there for the week.

Spelling, who is documenting her tumultuous relationship with husband Dead McDermott for “True Tori,” had to cancel a promotional appearance for the second season of the series, the news site said.

In the teaser for the new series, she questions whether or not she is pregnant again. Spelling also apparently gets a look at Emily Goodhand, the woman with whom McDermott cheated while he was filming “Chopped Canada” in Toronto. There have been reports that Goodhand was fabricated for the reality show, though Spelling and McDermott claims she is a real person.

The second season of “True Tori” will air on Lifetime Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT.

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