Nikki Bella and Brie Bella
Nikki Bella believes her sister Brie will going into labor soon. The WWE stars are pictured behind the scenes of “Making with Michaels” on Oct. 31, 2016 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Now that Brie Bella is more than a week past her due date, her famous twin sister Nikki Bella has some predictions about baby Birdie’s delivery.

On Monday, the recently engaged “Total Divas” star took to her Instagram account to announce her arrival in Phoenix, where she thinks her sister will finally give birth. Nikki posted a photo of herself hugging Brie’s stomach as the pregnant wrestler placed her hand on her baby bump. “Awww so so happy!!! Birdie was waiting for her Coco,” Nikki captioned the picture.

Meanwhile, over on Brie’s Instagram account, she shared the same photo expressing her excitement about her sister’s arrival. “So happy my sister is in town!!! Finally!!!” the star captioned the photo.

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During an interview, Nikki revealed that she believes that her sister and niece wanted her to be there for the special moment and held off on labor until she arrived in town. “I just feel it, because I think she’s waiting for me, both of them,” she explained to E! News on Tuesday.

The WWE star even had a prediction of when Birdie will arrive. “Her water’s breaking today or tomorrow,” Nikki told the media outlet.

In order to be with her sister during this special time, Nikki had to take a break from planning her wedding to fiance John Cena. The wrestler revealed that he and his wife to be are already in the process of creating the perfect wedding and that he is “very excited” about the way things have gone so far.

“The wedding planning is not yet an avalanche, but there is a small snowball rolling downhill,” Cena said.

Just because Nikki is slowly wedding planning doesn’t mean she isn’t thrilled about her engagement and her big day. The “Total Bellas” star revealed that she is happy to be marrying her best friend and that things have changed since getting engaged at Wrestlemania 33.

“It does feel different because I guess now there’s a sense of security,” the reality star explained. “I feel like I have a bigger smile and I’m like, ‘Yeah I’m taken.’”

With her current focus being on her sister and her delivery, Nikki revealed that she has high hopes for Brie and her journey through motherhood. “I think she’s gonna be very patient and calm and understanding. And just already seeing how she’s dealt with pregnancy, a lot of people have been very shocked that this is her first go around because of how calm she’s been,” Nikki explained.

In all, the wrestler thinks her twin will be an “amazing” mom.

Although Brie seems excited to meet her baby girl, it seems like she is over being pregnant. The WWE star shared a photo of herself caressing her baby bump after a long walk. “41 weeks!! Enjoying the cool weather today @dbgphx Desert Botanical gardens!! Hoping all the walking in nature will inspire Birdie to come out,” she captioned the photo.

Brie went on to use hashtags that included “1 week late” and “trying to be patient.” If Nikki’s predictions about Brie’s due date come true, the expecting wrestler may not have to wait much longer to meet her baby girl.