• Anaak dissolves her team in "Tower of God"
  • She reveals her real motive for coming to the tower
  • Anaak and Endorsi's battle continues in "Tower of God" episode 7

Anaak’s backstory has revealed that her only mission during the tower game is to kill everyone named Jahad and fulfill her revenge. In “Tower of Game” episode 7, the game continues as Anaak and Endorsi battle it out. Endorsi knows Anaak’s backstory, and it will be interesting to see how she deal with this new development.

This article contains spoilers from “Tower of God” episodes.

In “Tower of God” episode 6, Rachel wants Khun to lie to Bam and tell him that she is not the real Rachel. Khun wants to know why she doesn’t want to be with Bam. She explains that if they are together, they will become a burden for each other.

However, Bam believes that he met Rachel. Meanwhile, the fourth test is set to begin after the Regulars are assigned positions.

The battles fought in the tower are usually team fights, and the position of the participants is the role they take on during battles.

There are five positions. The Fisherman, who battle at close quarters in the center of the battle. The Spear Bearer is the one who controls and kills the enemies from a distance. The Light Bearer illuminates the dark tower using their Lighthouse. The Light Bearer also collects and distributes intel about the situation. The Scout investigates the movements of the opponents on the front lines and helps the Fisherman. The Wave Controller is the director of the battle and gives control and support in fights using Shinsu.

Khun asks about the participants who are injured. He wants to know if Bam is disqualified. Khun is informed that Bam’s position is Wave Controller.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Khun tells Bam that the girl who saved his life is safe. Bam is relieved. However, Khun tells him that she is not the girl he knows.

Later in the episode, Shibisu and Hatsu become friends with Khun and Bam as the Scout test requires the participants to make nine friends in a week. However, Anaak has no desire to be a part of this friendship. Moreover, she decides to suspend her team.

In the meantime, Endorsi introduces herself, and Bam tells her that she should be friends with Shibisu and Hatsu as well.

“Tower of God” episode is slated to air Wednesday (May 13) on Crunchyroll.

Anak in "Tower of God"
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