Toyota Motor to recall 51,000 Tundra trucks
Toyota Motor to recall 51,000 Tundra trucks REUTERS

Japanese auto-maker Toyota Motor Corp said it will recall as many as 1.7 million vehicles worldwide over concerns about a possible fuel leakage problem.

In addition, about 421,000 vehicles will be recalled in overseas markets, including the US and Europe.

In a statement, Toyota US said it would carry out a voluntary safety recall of about 245,000 Lexus models to inspect the fuel pressure sensor installation.

The recall involves various models of Lexus, including 2006-07 Lexus GS 300/350, 2006-09 Lexus IS 250, and 2006-08 Lexus IS 350 vehicles sold in the United States, said the company which is based in Torrance, Los Angeles.

Brian R. Lyons, a Toyota spokesman, said improper installation of the sensor connected to certain fuel delivery pipes with nickel phosphorus plating that may cause the bolt to loosen over time, and possibly cause fuel leakage.

Lexus dealers will inspect the vehicles for fuel leakage, if no problem is found, the sensor will be tightened with a proper torque, and if fuel leak occurs, besides the tightening measures, the gasket between the sensor and the fuel rail will be replaced, Lyons said.

The costs of the check and possible replacement will not be shouldered by vehicle owners, Lyons said.

Toyota has recalled many vehicles in recent times, which also saw the company shell out over $32 million in fines to US authorities.

Going by reports, Toyota has recalled a whopping 12 million cars in the past one-and-half years. Most recently, the car-maker recalled 2.6 million vehicles in August and October, 2010.