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Janssen, one of the units of Johnson and Johnson has tackled some issues in a discussion together with the regulatory authorities in five different countries about the trace amounts of fungicide discovered in the HIV drug, Prezista. Johnson and Johnson did a series of recalls that pertain to the presence of the chemical. The discussion was started by Janssen after receiving four consumer reports of a foul undetermined musty and moldy odor.

J & J did an immediate widespread recall of Tylenol pain reliever and other medications that had reports of a musty odor. According to the company, they have recalled over 300 million bottles and medication packages of both adult and children's medicines since the year 2010.

The investigation done by Janssen identified that the musty odor was brought about by the trace amounts of tribromoanisole. Tribromoanisole is a fungicide utilized in packing materials. These are commonly found in bottles from a certain supplier.

Symptoms like temporary gastrointestinal problems were reported by a minuet number of patients after they took the HIV drug. Not to worry because there were no reports on serious health problems and adverse affects from the presence of tribromoanisole.

The company clearly states that they want to let their clients stop taking their Prezista medication. If a person notices an uncharacteristic musty odor from the Prezista 400mg or 600mg tablets, they should give it back to their pharmacist. In return, they will be given immediate replacement.

Countries that are affected include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Austria and Germany. Meetings with the regulatory authorities are ongoing so that they can give an immediate apt course of action in every market. That is guaranteed by the Johnson and Johnson Company.

In addition, there have been no reports of injuries from the ongoing recalls. However, Johnson and Johnson's reputation have been dishonored, pressured its share price and ignited Congressional investigations.

Tribromoanisole is a derivative of a certain chemical preservative. It is sometimes applied to wood. It is also used in making pallet wherein products are transported and stored.

Lastly, Janssen informs everyone that there is already an internal investigation with the suppliers to check and determine the root cause of TBA.