Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old whose activism has made her the public face for transgender teens in the U.S., can add reality television to her resume. Having already been interviewed by Barbara Walters, starred in a documentary, and penned a book, this summer Jennings will have her own reality TV show on The Learning Channel called "All That Jazz," reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The 11-part docu-series will follow Jennings as she shares what life is like for a transgender teen: school, friends, family and dating. The series will include her supportive parents, Greg and Jeanette, and her 17-year-old twin brothers, who, according to Hollywood Reporter, are protective of her. It will also feature her maternal grandparents, Jack and Jacky, who had a steep learning curve in understanding their granddaughter, but who love her as she is.

Jeanette Jennings told Windy City Media that Jazz had insisted since she was 1 1/2 years old that she was a girl; she was diagnosed with gender identity disorder at age 3. According to "20/20," the South Florida teen has been on hormone blockers to avoid going through the physical changes of male puberty, reported New York Daily News.

Greg and Jeannette Jennings supported their child's decision to live as female from age 5 onward, and in response to critics who told Jeannette that she shouldn't let Jazz live as a girl, she told Barbara Walters, "I don't really care what anyone thinks."

Jennings' YouTube channel has almost 2 million views and over 30,000 subscribers. Her bio reads: "My name is Jazz and I was assigned male at birth but happily live as girl! My channel shows that transgender people are just like everyone else and that we have to embrace our differences to create freedom and equality for all!"

Jennings co-wrote a children's book with Jessica Herthel called "I Am Jazz," which explained what it was like living as a transgender teen, and she and her family were in a documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Network also called "I Am Jazz."

"We know that families come in all shapes and sizes," TLC president Marjorie Kaplan told the Hollywood Reporter, "but at their core, they are all about love, acceptance and support. Only TLC can tell this family’s story in way that celebrates and demystifies difference in an effort to help create a world without prejudice."