Scientist found a way to clone cows that can produce human-like milk, announced an Argentina's National Institute of Abrobusiness Technology on Thursday.

The first transgenetic cow, by using human genes, was created so that the animal could produce human milk that contain the proteins that human milk has.

The cloning was a collaboration between the Argentine institute and the country's National University of San Martin.

The cow, named Rosita ISA, was born April 6 via C-section, as she weighed twice the normal weight of Jersey cows.

The Argentine lab stated that the cow will produce milk that is similar to humans when it becomes an adult.

Research Adrian Mutto explained at a press conference Our goal was to raise the nutritional value of cows' milk by adding two human genes, the protein lactoferrin, which provides infants with anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection, and lysozyme, which is also an anti-bacterial agent.


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