“Transparent” fans have been waiting patiently for a glimpse at what’s to come when the show returns. Months after Season 3 premiered on Amazon Prime, a trailer for the latest installment is here.

The clip reunites “Transparent” viewers with their favorite dysfunctional family. It opens with the Pfeffermanns gathering, relishing in how much their family’s grown. Viewers then catch up with Maura (Jeffrey Tambor), who’s embracing life as a single woman, and the rest of the gang as they continue along their respective journeys.

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Josh (Jay Duplass) is seen being consoled by his mother Shelley (Judith Light), though it’s unclear if he’s really interested in her input on his situation — whatever that may be. Josh jokes that her “energy” is akin to a “gas fire in the kitchen.” Meanwhile Sarah (Amy Landecker) and Len (Rob Huebel) appear to be getting along better than ever while Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) and her mopa bond over medical marijuana gummies.

“I was just gonna have you eat the head,” Ali laughs. “You’re gonna be so high.”

While the Season 4 trailer provides some clues as to what’s to come when “Transparent” returns, it’s largely unclear what’ll transpire. Writer Our Lady J’s given a few clues as to what to expect. In an interview with Deadline, she teased a trip to Israel as well as more political storylines after Donald Trump’s presidential win.

“It felt like — when we were counting on having our first female president — we were writing for these characters and these stories that were going to be taking place in the America. Then, we took a step back and we realized that our themes had been running through what we were writing were actually right in line with what the country was feeling,” she explained. “There was this general anxiety, there was fear, there was uncertainty. We ran with those themes and we really leaned into those things.”

Tambor echoed that sentiment while speaking with Variety. The actor said it’s their job to reflect the real experiences and struggles of viewers. He vowed to bring more of that to “Transparent” fans in Season 4.

“You go to work with a mission statement, as we do, to reflect on people’s lives and anxieties, and trying to connect with them,” he said. “I think one of the things I like most about what we do is that people trust us. We’re not messing around — this is a real family, and these are the lessons we’re telling.”

When “Transparent” Season 3 came to a close, the Pfeffermanns were on a cruise together. The trip was anything but perfect as Ali and Josh fought like cats and dogs and Shelley grappled with her own sadness over the demise of her relationship with Buzzy (Richard Masur) who, as it turns out, had been using her for her money. Maura, however, was having something of a spiritual awakening.

She hit a clothing store on the ship up for some new digs, debuting her “athleisure” look to Ali first. Off her hormones and unable to undergo surgery, Maura was looking for any way to feel more herself. Her clothes, no matter how much she likes them, felt costumey to her so she turned to Ali for advice.

The pair said a prayer to the ocean and bid farewell to Maura’s “tight, terrible Spanx.” Then they joined the rest of the Pfeffermans for a makeshift Passover seder in Shelley’s lavish suite. Maura opened up about her struggles while talking with her family, revealing the shame she’d been feeling.

The rest of the family opened up about their own struggles, detailing the things they’d been feeling enslaved by. Josh stormed out, while the rest of the family begrudgingly participated— bonding over their pain. Shelley then dragged them out of the suite for her moment in the spotlight.

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Shelley, who’d been harboring some serious secrets from her childhood, decided to free herself through performance. She took to the stage in one of the ship’s performance arenas to sing. Bare faced and trembling, she belted out a song that encompassed her feelings about being unable to connect with her family members.

It’s unclear when “Transparent” will return for Season 4. The trailer simply promises that it’s “coming soon” to Amazon Prime.