Trisha Paytas
Trisha Paytas has written several books, including the guidebook “How To Be Internet Famous.” Trisha Paytas

When you hear the name Trisha Paytas, it may be one that you love or hate. In any case, it’s unlikely that this YouTube star will care what anyone thinks of her on Monday when she celebrates her 29th birthday.

Initially gaining notoriety after starting her YouTube page in 2007 under the name, “blndsundoll4mj,” Paytas has more than 2.7 million subscribers that tune in to watch her music videos and personal vlogs. Although she has a unique perspective that tends to start up drama every now and then, fans love her, and she will probably have a birthday bash that will become a part of her YouTube catalog.

Check out these four fast facts about Paytas below:

1. When she gets emotional, her feelings get the best of her.

After being cheated on by her boyfriend of one year Sean van der Wilt, the internet sensation unintentionally outed her beau. Paytas took to her YouTube channel to explain to her subscribers that after a night of her boyfriend ignoring her calls and text messages, she found out that he kissed another girl and was hanging out at a gay club.

She then went on to reveal that people have told her he is gay, but she doesn’t know what to think. Although she apologized for potentially outing her ex, Paytas received a lot of backlash on social media from people who were not pleased with her speaking on her ex-boyfriend’s sexuality.

“I feel no sympathy for Trisha Paytas. You can’t just make a video outing someone for being gay because your head hurts,” one upset fan commented. Paytas’ ex later sued her for slander.

2. She’s not afraid to offend people

In the past, Paytas has shared posts that didn’t sit well with everyone. The YouTube star shared several provocative pictures of herself on Instagram on Easter, the day in the Christian religion known as Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

“She is being vulgar because Easter isn’t about the Easter bunny. It’s about Jesus dying on the cross,” an Instagram user wrote on the picture.


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On Thursday, Paytas posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a flannel tied around her waist featuring a boot stepping on a swastika. Although this was an attempt to show she was against racism, fans accused of being racist because of the video she made supporting Donald Trump as president. Although she has since insisted that the video was a joke and she didn’t vote for him, it seems like there’s still some fans that are not entirely over the the controversy.

3. Paytas is an author

Over the years, the YouTube star has written several books including “The Stripper Diaries,” “The History of My Insanity,” “Curvy and Loving It” and “Tease,” among others. The books, which are available for purchase now, have mixed reviews with some fans praising Paytas for her brutal honesty while others seem disappointed with her work.

4. She loves to have a good time

Whether she is rehearsing dance moves for her latest music video or simply grabbing a bite to eat, Paytas always seems to be the life of the party wherever she goes. The star frequently shares photos on Instagram of herself either alone or catching up with friends, typically wearing a smile on her face and holding a drink in her hand. As much fun as Paytas looks like she is having in her Instagram pictures, it seems like her birthday celebration will be one that she won’t forget.