Who Is The Tronsmart Studio 30W Bluetooth Speaker For?

  • The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth speaker is ideal for someone who wants to listen to great audio while indoors
  • The Studio speaker has fantastic battery life, with a playback time of around 15 hours before needing a recharge
  • The Studio can link with up to 100 other speakers to all play audio from a single device
The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth speaker packs a ton of power into a relatively small space

In my experience, Bluetooth speakers are all generally similar to each other. A phone or other device is paired with the speaker, and then the speaker plays back audio. That's about it. However, Tronsmart's latest speaker, the Tronsmart Studio 30W Bluetooth speaker, has a few unique features that help it stand out from many others. The Tronsmart Studio also has great audio quality as well, making it a contender against the big names like Ultimate Ears and JBL.

An Open-Back Speaker?

The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker has a unique design in that the speaker itself is open on both sides. In the headphone world, this is called an open-back design. Open-back devices are generally considered to offer more natural-sounding audio, as instead of a speaker pumping all audio out in one direction in a somewhat artificial way, an open-back device simply plays audio in a more natural, ambient way.

With headphones, open-back devices are awesome in certain situations, but struggle in others. The same can be said for the Tronsmart Studio. When the Studio speaker is indoors, things sound great. When the speaker is outside, things start to slip. Because the Studio speaker is open-back, a decent amount of audio will escape out the back end of the speaker. Inside, this audio would bounce off a wall and still sound great, but the audio simply escapes when the speaker is outside. This means the Studio speaker sounds somewhat quiet and muffled when used outside.

In this picture it is easy to see straight through the Tronsmart Studio speaker

Huge Audio Range

The Tronsmart Studio speaker is capable of a huge audio range, playing back everything from quiet classical music to loud and bombastic rap with ease. What really impressed me was the volume, which can be quiet enough for personal use or loud enough for an entire party.

The Tronsmart Studio is lightweight and easy to bring with you

Music comes through clearly on the Tronsmart Studio speaker and podcasts sound very natural. The one thing I noticed is that the bass response when listening to something with very heavy bass wasn't as powerful as I would have liked. The overall audio still sounded great, but I was hoping for a little more oomph.

Solid And Sturdy

From a physical standpoint, the Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth speaker has some very solid construction. The speaker is made out of metal, which provides much more structure than plastic. Despite the materials used, the Studio speaker isn't all that heavy at a little over two pounds. This makes it easy to transport the Studio speaker, as it is light enough to throw into a bag, but strong enough to withstand any bumps while in transit.

The buttons to control the Tronsmart Studio are all found on the top of the speaker. The buttons are pretty much flush with the top of the speaker, meaning nothing really protrudes out. This helps the speaker have a nice streamlined look. The buttons are all covered in a rubber-like texture and are easy to push. The only downside here is that the buttons don't light up or have large indicators for what they do. This could cause some confusion, especially in lower lighting.

The buttons on the Studio speaker could probably use a bit of a highlight

One thing I really love about the Studio speaker's design is that it has three different playback methods. The obvious first method is wirelessly by connecting a device via Bluetooth. If there isn't a device that uses Bluetooth, like a TV or older laptop, the Studio speaker has a standard 3.5mm audio jack to play audio the old-school way. Alternatively, the Studio speaker has an SD card slot to play music straight from an external source.

Unique Feature

While the Tronsmart Studio speaker works just like any other Bluetooth speaker, it does have one interesting feature that is pretty unique. The Studio has something it calls "TuneConn". This feature allows the Studio to link together with up to 100 other speakers that all have the same TuneConn feature. This allows the speakers to all play the same audio from one source device.

The back of the Studio is home to the 3.5mm port, SD card slot and USB-C port for charging

This feature sounds very interesting, but I only have one Studio speaker for this review. Unfortunately, I can't test out how TuneConn works, or how easy it is to link speakers together. From what I can tell, TuneConn is only found in the Tronsmart Studio speaker as of right now, but hopefully other devices will adopt it in the future.

Final Thoughts

The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth speaker is an impressive audio device when used in the right settings. Its open-back design is a bit of a double-edged sword as it allows for some great audio, but causes the speaker to sound a bit muted and muffled when used outdoors. I like the three different playback methods and the ability to link to over 100 speakers at once is definitely interesting, if a little unfeasible. Using two or three speakers linked together is one thing, but I mean, who is really going to go buy dozens of the same speaker?

At $70, the Tronsmart Studio speaker is a little on the pricey side, but isn't too expensive to be unreasonable. This Bluetooth speaker offers some powerful audio performance, great battery life and a solid build quality. The Studio can definitely compete with the big names like Ultimate Ears and JBL, while coming in at around half the price of the competition.