Ever wonder what Eric’s Fangtasia throne would look like in the center of your living room? Well, now you have the chance to find out! In honor of the final season of "True Blood,” HBO and ScreenBid have come together to host an auction that gives Truebies a chance at winning their very own piece of Bon Temps before the series ends Sunday, Aug. 24.

A press release for the event revealed the one-time auction would launch Wednesday, Aug. 20 and end Monday, Aug. 25. That gives fans five whole days to try and snag one of the 1,500 “True Blood” props, set decoration items, wardrobe items and other pieces of memorabilia from the seven seasons of the beloved series.

Dedicated “True Blood” fans can bid on a wide array of auction items from the HBO set including:

1. Jason’s Bon Temps football t-Shirt: “A great T-Shirt, right off Jason's back.”

2. Pam’s Walmart yellow sweat suit: An "ironic ensemble," which Pam wore during the Season 5 premiere as she attempted to turn Tara into a vampire. The description of this item notes the suit still has dirt strains from being buried with her protégé.

3. Alcide’s leather jacket and jeans: Curious what it would feel like to walk a mile in Alcide’s shoes? How about his leather jacket? Bid on this item to find out -- that is, if you don’t mind sporting an XL jacket, of course.

4. Gran’s Apron: Who wouldn’t want to win Sookie’s grandmother’s apron? Not only is Lois Smith’s character, Adele, one of the show’s most lovable character’s but the apron is pretty darn nifty! It features lobster, crabs, lemons and has an adorable crisscrossed back. So chic.

5. Maryann Forrester’s wedding dress: Every bride should wear something old on her wedding day. So why not this dress seen during the Season 2 finale of “True Blood”?

6. Sookie’s Merlotte T-shirt: This shirt is the best representation of “True Blood” available in the auction. But act quick because only nine of these Sookie-worn bad boys will be up for grabs come Aug. 20.

7. A Merlotte’s Menu: Ever wonder what Bon Temps residents eat when they dine at Merlottes? Here’s your chance to find out!

8. A “puddle of bloody remains”: Freak out your family members and friends with this rubber special effect prop that simulated what would happen to vampires when they suffer the True Death. Pretty gruesome, right?

9. Warlow’s contract of owning Sookie: “This beautiful contract will look great in a frame,” ScreenBid described one of the most “important pieces of ‘True Blood’ memorabilia.” We can picture it hanging above our fireplace now.

10. Cartons of Tru Blood: Become the envy of all your friends when you bid on this tasty “True Blood” prop.

11. Fangs from the cast: “A vampire isn't much of a vampire without fangs. Now, you can own this signature True Blood item -- a perfect and beautiful piece of memorabilia,” ScreenBid said.

What “True Blood” item are you dying to own? Sink your teeth into the auction list here then let us know in the comments section below what prop you would want to bid on.