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Sookie searched for a cure for Bill in episode 8 of "True Blood." HBO

Episode 8 of “True Blood” aired on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 10, leaving only two remaining episodes in the seventh and final season of the hit supernatural series. Find out who died, who received the cure and who refused to take the cure with our top 6 moments from “Almost Home”:

1.Sarah Newlin’s Sacrifice

At the end of episode 7 Eric, Pam and the Yakuza had Sarah Newlin surrounded. When viewers met back up with her in episode 8, the walking cure had finally accepted that she was going to die that night. Walking outside, Sarah Newlin begged Eric to kill her. And while Eric definitely wanted to take her up on that offer, Pam threatened to shoot herself if Eric didn’t cure himself with Sarah’s blood. Weighing out the options, Eric caved and savagely fed off of the former Fellowship of the Sun leader, curing himself of Hep-V.

2. When Bill Met Sookie

A couple of seasons ago “True Blood” fans discovered that Bill had arrived in Bon Temps on a mission for Queen Sophie Ann. Up until now, no one knew why Bill was sent to spy on Sookie. However Sookie knew that she had to learn the truth before Bill died.

Bill revealed that Sophie Ann wanted him to confirm that Sookie had faerie powers. When he found out he was supposed to bring her back to the Queen’s compound so that Sophie Ann could breed her. The only reason why Bill didn’t follow through on his orders was because Sookie finally made him feel human again. He told his ex-girlfriend that he thought if he could protect her he could erase some of the horrible things he had seen and done.

3. Tara’s Message

The Reverend showed up at Lettie Mae and Tara’s old home. Initially there to stop Lettie Mae and Lafayette from digging up the yard, he eventually caved and went on a V-fueled trip with them. It was after he drank some of James’s blood that he too began to hallucinate Tara.

The hallucination transferred Lettie Mae, Lafayette an the Reverend to a flashback when Tara was just a child. With Sookie and Lafayette by her side, Tara was celebrating her birthday. However the joyous occasion was cut short when Tara’s father came home.

Due to a hot temper, Lettie Mae didn’t tell her husband about Tara’s birthday party. When he walked inside and found them celebrating he snapped and began to beat his wife. Sookie and Lafayette left in a rush, and Tara hid in another room. It was while hiding that Tara overheard her father searching for a gun he couldn’t find. Tara’s father blamed Lettie Mae, however the flashback revealed that Tara had it in her possession the whole time. Pointing the gun at her father as he assaulted Lettie Mae, Tara just couldn’t pull the trigger. Instead she chose to bury the gun in the backyard – the reason why she sent Lettie Mae and Lafayette on a mission to her old childhood home.

Tara began to speak to Lettie Mae after the gun was removed from the ground. She explained that she felt guilty for not pulling the trigger that day because her father left and her mother never recovered.

“That’s not on you,” Tara told her mother. “No more blame. Forgive yourself and let me go.”

4. Violet’s Revenge

Jason was hanging out at Hoyt’s house when he received a couple text messages from Violet. The first photo showed Adilynn tied up and gagged, while the second image featured Jessica in a similar situation.

Jason left the house in a rush, but hit a little bit of a roadblock when Brigette insisted on riding shotgun. When Brigette refused to get out of the car to stay with Hoyt after a petty fight, Jason realized that there was no time to waste. He peeled out of the driveway, leaving Hoyt behind. However when he got to Violet’s house he made her promise not to leave the car.

When Jason got inside he was captured by Violet and brought into her torture chamber. It was there that he found Jessica, Adilynn and Wade all tied up. Violet warned Jason that she was going to kill them all – but no before torturing each of them with a horrific devise.

Fortunately Violet never got a chance to use one of her torture tools. She exploded into guts when Hoyt showed up and shot her with a wooden bullet.

5. The NooBlood Game Plan

Eric and Pam were ready to start making money off of NooBlood, however Mr. Gus told them that they had to have patience. Why? It’s not because they couldn’t’ figure out how to synthesize Sarah’s blood. It was because the product was too good. Mr. Gus explained that if the NooBlood immediately cured the vampires then no one would ever need to buy more than one bottle. However if they altered the cure so that NooBlood became a healthy habit, then they could make more money.

6. Eric’s Dilemma

With the Yakuza set up at Fangtasia, Eric visited Sookie to inform her that he was cured. It was when he broke the good news that Sookie revealed that Bill was now infected. Since Eric made a promise to Mr. Gus about staying quiet, he initially didn’t know what to do. However he promised Sookie that he’d return at sundown the following day.

Sookie was never one to value patience though. Fearing that Bill wouldn’t make it another day, Sookie followed Eric to Fangtasia. But she wasn’t greeted warmly by the Yakuza.

Knowing that Sookie’s life was in danger, Eric lied to Mr. Gus and called Sookie a desperate fangbanger. However when Mr. Gus had his men pull their weapons on Sookie, Eric immediately came to her defense. After telling a story about Sookie’s brother being a sheriff in town, Eric promised Mr. Gus that he would glamour Soookie. The half-faerie can’t get glamoured, so instead she pretended and eavesdropped on Mr. Gus’s mind. It was while doing that that Sookie learned that they were hiding something in the basement of Fangtasia.

Sookie managed to sneak into the basement and was shocked to find Sarah Newlin. Confused as to how she played into all the drama, Sarah refused to talk until Sookie freed her. However Sookie knew that there was another way without helping Sarah. She gagged her and used her fae powers to see into Sarah’s mind … which revealed the truth about the cure.

Instead of taking Sarah to Bill, Sookie decided to leave the woman chained up at Fangtasia. While Sookie raced back to her beloved, Bill had a vision about Sookie rocking what looked like a baby. However a closer look revealed that there was no baby – only darkness.

Sookie snapped Bill out of it and dragged him and Jessica to Fangtasia. They snuck in through the back entrance, which was fortunately free of the Yakuza. But it wasn’t free of Eric and Pam. Making Bill, Jessica and Sookie promise not to tell anyone about the cure, Eric told Bill to drink from Sarah. But before he could sink his teeth into her he had a change of heart and refused to feed from her.

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