True Blood
Amelia Rose Blaire will be reprising her role as Willa in season seven of "True Blood." HBO

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading if you have not watched the season six finale of "True Blood."

“True Blood” introduced Willa, the daughter of Governor Burrell, in season 6 … and now it appears she’s here to stay! Deadline is reporting that actress Amelia Rose Blaire has been promoted from recurring character to series regular in the upcoming seventh season.

The casting announcement for Blaire comes a couple days after showrunner Brian Buckner confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard will be returning as Eric, Willa's maker, for season 7.

Willa won Eric and “True Blood” viewers over when she made her debut in episode two, “The Sun.” While her father was anti-vampire (in part due to his wife leaving him for a vampire), Willa held a soft spot for the creatures of the night -- believing that they deserve to be treated as equals.

Eric ultimately ended up kidnapping Willa (who was willing to go with Eric’s plan) in an attempt to get Governor Burrell to call of his attack on vampires. Turning her into a vampire, Eric believed that Governor Burrell would change his stance on vampire … however, he only ended up locking Willa up in a cell at the vampire prison camp.

The last time viewers saw Willa she was with Tara at the Bellefleur’s Bar (formerly Merlotte’s Bar) barbecue. Hanging out with Tara since both their makers left, Willa will likely come face-to-face with the Hep V infected vampires that made their way into town in the last few seconds of the season six finale, “Radioactive.”

Blaire told Rolling Stone after she made her debut on “True Blood” that she has been a fan of the HBO supernatural drama since season 1. “I was hooked when it first started, and I would go to my friends’ houses and watch it every single week,” she dished. “So being on the show itself was unreal.”

Season 7 of “True Blood” will start shooting in December for a June 2014 premiere. Are you excited about Amelia Rose Blaire’s promotion to series regular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.