True Blood
Adilyn (standing far right) is the last surviving half-faerie daughter of Andy Bellefleur. HBO/ True Blood screenshot

Actress Bailey Noble made her debut on “True Blood” in season 6 … and really took a beating. Fortunately it looks like Noble’s hard work will pay off because she’s been elevated from a recurring character to a series regular.

Noble plays Adilyn Bellefleur, the half-faerie daughter of Sheriff Andy (Chris Bauer). And according to the Hollywood Reporter, “True Blood” viewers will be seeing a lot more of her in the seventh and final season of the HBO vampire drama.

Andy’s children were introduced at the end of season 5 when Maurella (Kristina Anapau), a faerie he hooked up with a couple of times, gave birth to four daughters in Merlotte’s bar. Maurella left the girls with Andy, telling him to make sure that “at least half of them make it to adulthood.”

In season 6, “True Blood” fans watched as the half-faerie girls quickly grew from toddlers to teens… and got into some trouble. In episode 4, Andy’s daughters snuck out of the house late at night to party. At a liquor store they ended up running into Jessica and Bill, who convinced them to come back to Bill’s mansion. Although Bill took some of their blood to test, Adilyn’s sisters ended up getting killed accidentally by Jessica … who couldn’t resist their faerie blood.

Adilyn barely survived Jessica’s attack, and only pulled through thanks to some vampire blood that Andy had at the police station. Keeping a relatively low profile after that, Adilyn ended up getting attacked by Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) in episode 8 when she made the decision to sneak out with Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) sons.

true blood
Jessica attacked Andy's daughters in season 6 of "True Blood." Adilyn was the only one to survive. HBO

Season 6 ended with Jessica promising to protect Andy and Adilyn … and a horde of Hep V-infected vampires heading towards town.

Bailey Noble’s promotion comes a couple weeks after fellow newcomer Amelia Rose Blaire was moved from recurring character to series regular. Blaire joined “True Blood” in season 6 as Governor Burrell’s daughter and Eric’s progeny, Willa.

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