True Detective season 2 spoilers
Will "True Detective" air its second season in the summer of 2015? Get the scoop on the new season. True Detective

Slowly but surely, “True Detective” Season 2 clues are being uncovered. And based on what we've learned about the new season of the HBO anthology, it's definitely worth the nail-biting wait.

"True Detective" creator and showrunner, Nic Pizzolatto, earlier this year put to rest gossip about the new season when he provided a quick synopsis to the website HitFix in March.

“OK. This is really early, but I’ll tell you [it’s about] hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system,” Pizzolatto told HitFix.

Another website called Film Divider said Season 2 will “kickstart with the murder of Ray Caspar, City Manager of a fictional California city,” adding that the plot will “involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in the pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants.”

Colin Farrell will play one of the four leading roles this season. While details have been few, Farrell’s character will face “terrible problems with cocaine and anger management.” Did we just meet our Season 2 version of Marty Hart?

But Farrell’s character isn’t the only one with personal demons. The season’s younger lead will reportedly play a “California Highway Patrol officer who was suspended for the sexual exploitation of a young woman he pulled over.”

Could that officer be Taylor Kitsch’s character? Kitsch was rumored to make up two-thirds of the investigation triangle, along with a female investigator. Complex magazine theorized that the fourth lead role will most likely go to the season’s villain.

Who do you think Pizzolatto should cast in the fourth slot? Whoever it is, FX Networks CEO, John Landgraf, had some advice for the Emmy-nominated show.

"I think #TrueDetective's going to have to prove that it's more than just a vehicle for movie stars" he said during the 2014 Television Critics Association.

What are your Season 2 predictions? Do you think “True Detective” will be able to top it’s freshman series with its new anthology? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.