True Detective
Actor Taylor Kitsch, pictured here in a still from "True Detective" Season 2, revealed that a breakdown is coming for his character, Officer Paul Woodrugh. HBO

The only thing more interesting than the identity of the killer in Season 2 of “True Detective” is finding out what makes the three characters chasing him or her tick. In Episode 3, Taylor Kitsch’s character revealed a great deal about himself, and the actor says that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article will discuss “True Detective” Season 2 Episode 3.]

Kitsch plays Officer Paul Woodrugh on the second season of the popular HBO drama. For a majority of the first two episodes of the miniseries-style drama, he spent a good deal of his time in the background brooding and guarding a secret that the audience assumed had something to do with his previous days as a soldier with Black Mountain. However, it was revealed in the latest episode that the character may also be struggling with his sexuality.

“I think when you’re living with something so long, and it runs that deep where it feels that’s what’s within himself, then it really would be the end of him,” Kitsch told The Daily Beast. “There is no real answer to what would happen if [it’s revealed], and I think that shame is so strong within himself that if he does answer to it, then it’s, ‘OK, now what? What the f--- am I going to do now?’”

While the show takes pride in only giving fans a glimpse into its trio of main characters (Kitsch, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams) each week, the former “Friday Night Lights” actor confessed that episodes 4 and 5 are some of the best work he’s done and give the audience the best look at Woodrugh they’ll get.

“He's unraveling. There are a couple scenes where you see him crack and not be able to hold on like he could before. Those are the scenes that just jumped out at me [to show] why he does what he does and acts how he acts,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “[You'll see] where he's come from and how suppressed he's been in that house and that relationship with his mother kind of unfolds. Then with the case, it's a slow burn. With Paul, he has bigger beats with his home life and just the repercussions of acting on something within himself. The [weight] he puts on himself is enormous, the strain.”

So, fans who were hoping for real answers about the most mysterious character in “True Detective” Season 2 can expect them as early as this Sunday and the following week after.