• The president accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of corruption
  • The president cited a New York Post story that said Biden's son set up a meeting between his father and a Burisma executive
  • Biden's campaign denied there ever was a meeting, and Biden has denied discussing his son's business dealings

President Donald Trump on Tuesday demanded Attorney General William Barr investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden’s son and to release a report before Election Day.

"This is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election,” Trump told Fox News, citing a New York Post report alleging Hunter Biden set up a meeting between his father and an executive at the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

The Biden campaign has said the former vice president never met with the executive. Biden repeatedly has denied ever discussing his son’s overseas business dealings.

Trump said Barr has “got to act and he’s got to act fast.”

He accused the former vice president of benefitting from his son’s alleged wrongdoing.

“The vice president got a kickback, and everybody knows it, and they’ve known it a long time,” Trump said.

Among Trump’s other accusations was that the younger Biden received $3.5 million from the wife of Moscow’s mayor, an accusation debunked by PolitiFact.

Trump has pushed for an investigation into the Bidens since July 2019. The president’s demand Tuesday followed a request by a group of House Republicans for a special prosecutor to investigate the Post allegations.

“We request that the Department of Justice immediately appoint an independent, unbiased special counsel to investigate the issues that we have raised -- as well as any corresponding legal or ethical issues that might be uncovered from the former vice president’s 47 years in public office," the lawmakers wrote in a letter obtained by Fox News.

The information for the Post story is said to have come from emails purportedly found on a laptop that the younger Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. The laptop found its way into the hands of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, who turned it over to the Post.

The FBI is said to be investigating the source of the laptop.

Giuliani spent months in Europe investigating the Bidens, and it was unclear whether he was the target of a Russian intelligence operation.

Trump also has called on the FBI to investigate the Bidens as an organized crime family.