President Trump’s approval ratings have dropped across the board as the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the United States. 

The latest Economist/YouGov poll shows 54% disapproval for Trump, with 44% approval, a 10-point difference. This same poll earlier this month showed Trump with 52% disapproval and 45% approval, a smaller 7-point gap.

The latest right-leaning Rasmussen Reports survey shows 53% disapproval of the President, and 46% approval, a 7-point difference. This same poll conducted at the beginning of the month showed 50% disapproval and 48% approval, a small 2-point difference.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Trump was asked about his approval ratings and his popularity among Republicans.

"Ninety-five percent within the Republican party and ... we have very great approval numbers. I mean, people like the job we are doing," Trump said.

Trump has relied on a strong economy to win a second term but the coronavirus has dramatically impacted U.S. business operations both at home and across the world. Multiple U.S. states have closed down restaurants, bars and other businesses, which will impact the economy.

If the economy manages to bounce back once the coronavirus subsides in the U.S., it would be good news for Trump’s approval ratings and for his reelection prospects. If the coronavirus has a long-term impact on business, pundits believe it could mean Trump is defeated in November.

Trump's handling of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. has also drawn criticism. Trump has previously downplayed the virus and has been blamed for the lack of testing kits.

There are at least 6,519 cases of the virus in the U.S., with the death toll reaching 115. 

Trump’s approval ratings have been consistently below 50% on average since February 2017.