• Donald Trump seemingly encouraged Marla Maples to get an abortion
  • Donald Trump denied the allegations
  • Melania Trump was on the pill during the early years of their relationship

Donald Trump had a shocking reaction when she found out that his second wife, Marla Maples, was pregnant with their daughter, Tiffany.

During his interview on the “Howard Stern Show,” the POTUS said that he’s glad he had a daughter with Maples, but he didn’t expect to get her pregnant so soon.

The president of the United States also asked Maples what she wanted to do about the baby, and the former actress was not pleased with his question. After all, it seemed as though the POTUS was suggesting for his then-wife to get an abortion.

However, President Trump clarified that he wasn’t suggesting for Maples to get rid of their child. Even though he was shocked by the news, he was simply opening up the possibility of marrying Maples, and they eventually did.

When his interview with host Howard Stern took place, President Trump was already dating Melania Trump. A year later, they tied the knot.

The host asked the POTUS how he prevents the FLOTUS from getting pregnant, and he said that the first lady is on the pill. Stern then asked President Trump if he regularly asks Melania if she’s really on the pill, and the POTUS said that he trusts his wife.

“I don’t know… like, she’s been amazing. She’s… hey, I’m five years, and it’s great,” he said.

The host also said that it seems the FLOTUS is good in bed before asking the POTUS to share intimate details about the relationship. But the president simply responded by saying that the first lady is generally good.

Stern continued to ask the president about trusting his then-girlfriend and asked if Trump only trusts Melania when it comes to taking her pill. He said that he trusts the first lady in every way. And if she wanted to have his baby, she would tell him straight out.

The POTUS also said that he knows the FLOTUS is faithful to him. When Stern asked how he knew, President Trump said that his then-girlfriend had been nothing but amazing.

One year after the couple tied the knot in 2005, they welcomed their son, Barron Trump. Now 13 years old, the teenager has been making headlines due to his alleged autism.

US President Donald Trump is counting on the support of evangelical Christians in his campaign for a second term
US President Donald Trump is counting on the support of evangelical Christians in his campaign for a second term AFP / Nicholas Kamm