President-elect Donald Trump stands with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach before their meeting at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Nov. 20, 2016. Reuters

The White House released all 112 pages of public comments it received on its Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity Friday. Of the dozens and dozens of comments received, just three seem to support the Commission’s mission to investigate voter fraud. The rest are almost uniformly critical of the commission’s existence, the president’s claims of widespread voter fraud in last year’s election, and commission vice chair Kris Kobach’s request for voter data from the states, a request that has been widely rejected.

Most of the comments accuse the commission, and Kobach in particular, of being interested in nothing but voter suppression. (Kobach is the Kansas secretary of the state and recently announced a gubernatorial bid.) A substantial number of the comments call on the commission to focus on defending elections from Russian interference instead of voter fraud. Others call for an end to gerrymandering and a reversal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Many use very, very colorful language. Many are not nice.

And while these are public comments, some on Twitter pointed out that the White House did not redact personal information on the emails, which underlines the privacy concerns many have voiced about a commission seeking the private information of millions of voters.

What follows are some of the highlights from the submitted comments. Some typos have been edited out for clarity.

“you are all about voter suppression to rig elections. you are evil. pray there is no hell.” - soibangla

“Hi, I voted in all 50 states. Just wanted you to know.” - Beau

“This commission is a sham and Kris Kobach has been put on it expressly to disenfranchise minority voters. I am ashamed that my taxpayer dollars are being used for such purposes.” - Charlie Ticotsky

“The only thing undermining American citizens’ ‘confidence in the integrity of federal election processes’ is you and this sham commission.” - Stephen Lehew

“Just fuck off already you shit-stain on democracy.” - CB

“Please go fuck yourself, Kris. You’re a disgusting fraud with no moral bearing whatsoever.

And any staff person reading this should really look for a decent job and not be a co-conspirator on behalf of President Pussygrabber and his white “Christian” henchmen.” - Simon

“Many people will get their identity stolen, which will harm the economy.

Perhaps there is a safer, better way to go about your jousting at windmills?” - Jennifer Larsen

“Dear Mr. Kobach…

I have watched your activities in Kansas trying to suppress voters on the basis of fraudulent claims of massive voter fraud for which there is absolutely no evidence. Your new agency is preparing, it seems, to rig elections. You, sir, are the fraud and neither you nor our President are to be trusted.

Mr. Trump’s claims that millions of fraudulent votes were cast against him is the ravings of an egomaniac who can’t stand to lose.

I hope and pray that you fail.” - Fr. Antony Hughes

“You seem only interested in keeping poor, minority voters from getting to the ballot boxes and in solving a non-existent problem. We have real problems in our country, and this is not one of them.

If you must be involved in looking into polling practices please make our polling places hack free (and I mean that in every sense of the word). Get the Russian government out of our electoral business.” - Mary Beth Hilburn

“You are stupid fucks. And mean. And assholes.

Stupid mean fucking assholes.” - Paul DeMarco

“Go fuck yourself.” - Eric Olson

“Mr. Kobach,

How friggin’ stupid do you think people in this country are? You care about election integrity about as much as Trump cares about anything he doesn’t see in a mirror. This is about voter suppression and everyone knows it.” - Andrew Sayre

“In this century the number of people prevented from voting can be counted in the 100s of thousands - the number of voter fraud cases can be counted in the 100s. And it is so strange that the majority of people suppressed are Democrats and so many of the people committing fraud are Republicans. Ironic even.

The person reading this email should be ashamed to be supporting this effort.” - Linda Tashker

“I pay the government a boat load of taxes, so you work for me. I think you are doing a terrible job. Explain yourself.” - Diane Hallinen

“Your nonsense worked when it was in the dark but you won’t get away with this.” - Thea

“Is this where we file complaints about the guy who lost the election but still became president?” - John Butler


“Hope your project is going well. Not.” - Larry Finch

“I read that you are looking for input regarding what undermines Americans’ confidence in elections. For me, it’s two things: gerrymandering and voter suppression laws (ID requirements, limiting early and same-day voting, etc.)

Concern about voter fraud is a smokescreen to push a radical agenda that limits voting by minorities, older poor people, students and young people." - Mary-Jeanne Fincher

“The statistics don’t back up your fraud claims and neither does the American public. Why don’t you find some honorable job, like washing dishes in a diner, instead of trying to con the entire American public upon orders of the biggest con in the Western World?” - Alice Mulhern

“This is a necessary investigation since a lot of ineligible people voted in the last Presidential election. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.” - Paddy Kalish

“This is a fucking screaming outrage and you know it. YOU MEAN TO DISENFRANCHISE VOTERS. FUCK YOU.” - Dr. John R. Clevenger

“Your attempt to get voter information is undemocratic and un-American. Shame on you.” - Rod Fisher

“It is obvious that your commission will be using this information, especially voting history, to target people who are likely to vote Democratic, and use various, well-known techniques to suppress as many of their votes as possible. I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. He would never condone such un-American behavior.” - Jerold B. Coburn

“Just because P. Trump’s ego can’t stand losing the popular vote, it doesn’t mean the whole country should suffer.” - Diane Kroeze

“I hope you get just shit and nothing else.” - Victor

You can read all the public comments here.