• Donald Trump is reportedly obese
  • The POTUS's posture is bad
  • Donald Trump allegedly wears a girdle

Donald Trump recently sparked rumors that he wears a girdle.

Political Flare journalist Nicole James called the POTUS obese and said that he has bad posture because he wears a girdle to hide his flabby stomach.

“This explains the inconsistency between his flabby face and neck and tighter waistline. The time Trump’s poochy belly was super obvious was when he met the Queen and had to wear that ill-fitting white tie tuxedo – he looked eight months pregnant,” she wrote.

James went on to say that Trump’s girdle explains why the way he sits to make it seem as though he is on the toilet. If the POTUS doesn’t sit this way, he could compress his girdle and hurt himself.

Rumors about Trump possibly wearing a girdle have existed for years. However, he has never confirmed or denied them. On Twitter, some netizens appeared to be convinced that the president indeed wears a girdle.

“They should get their eyes checked out. He was sitting in the interview in a girdle,” Twitter user @BarkyB1 said.

“I think he has unrealistic expectations for that girdle,” Twitter user @cwhiting11 said.

“Someone should tell him the girdle isn’t working,” Twitter user @SburbSubversive said.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump’s husband was also criticized for allegedly being obese. James mocked the POTUS for the way he stands and the fact that he could be wearing orange makeup on his face.

Twitter user @DrGJackBrown analyzed Trump’s posture and offered possible reasons why he always leans forward.

“In the past several days, it's been reported that Donald Trump has been ‘standing weird.’ Although the President's leaning-forward posture has been displayed in the past, recently this stance has been used more consistently. Why? What are the body language ramifications?” he wrote.

Brown added that Trump stands with his forward posture because of his "lift shoes" that doesn’t suit him due to his obesity.

The POTUS’s recent physical examination also revealed that Barron Trump’s dad is indeed obese but he is in good health, according to CNN.

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