• Shapiro admits Trump continues to poll badly among women voters in general
  • However, he believes Sanders "alienate women"
  • Shapiro believes women will "hold their nose, many of them, and vote for Trump"

Days after winning the New Hampshire primary and a week after missing out on winning the Iowa caucus by 0.1%, progressive Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is now at the top of the Republican Party's "hate list" as the man most likely to beat president Donald Trump in November.

The GOP has long criticized Sanders for his advocacy of democratic socialism, Medicare for All, a $15 per day minimum wage and fighting to end income and social inequality in the United States.

Sanders has again risen to the top of mind of Ben Shapiro, a self-described libertarian and right-wing pundit. Shapiro once infamously wrote that "One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian." He was later said to have backtracked on this infamous statement.

On the Wednesday edition of "The Ben Shapiro Show," a daily political podcast and live radio show he hosts, Shapiro again tore into Sanders. This time, he claimed women aren't "feeling the Bern" and won't vote for "the Bern" in November because Sanders is too extreme.

Shapiro acknowledged of one of Trump's biggest problems come November is that he’s going to do poorly with women. He also admitted suburban women aren't going to vote for Trump, as shown by poll after poll taken since 2019.

"That’s true, if he is running against a Democratic moderate who does not alienate women …" claims Shapiro. He said, however, that "if you are putting suburban women in the position of having to choose between their job or their husbands' job, their income, their health plan, and Bernie’s socialism, they’re going to hold their nose, many of them, and vote for Trump."

Shapiro might have a point if one were to take the Fox News Voter Analysis of the recently concluded New Hampshire primary. Women accounted for 60% of the Democratic primary electorate in New Hampshire. Fox said 26% of these women voters went for Sanders, 24% backed former mayor Pete Buttigieg and 21% supported Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN.

What the Fox poll doesn't dwell on, however, if there were 11 Dems contending in New Hampshire splitting the vote that many ways. Sanders did quite well when compared to polls taken less than a month before New Hampshire.

One poll showed New Hampshire Democratic women preferring Sanders to Warren by a nearly 3 to 1 margin, or 30% to 11%. This result came after Hillary Clinton blasted Sanders for being a friendless and sexist person.

Results at New Hampshire saw Sanders taking 26% of the vote against Buttigieg's 25% with more than 91% of precincts reporting. Klobuchar took 20%, Warren, 9% and Biden only 8%. Coming in below 15% meant neither of Warren and Biden won any delegates in New Hampshire.