President Donald Trump bows his head in prayer during a "Make America Great Again" rally at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Florida Saturday. Reuters

Donald Trump used President’s Day to boast about his accomplishments through his first four weeks in office despite the numerous and ever growing questions and concerns his new administration has faced since his inauguration.

Touching on his signed executive orders, the economy, immigration and several other topics, the White House released a press release Monday titled, “President Donald J. Trump’s First Month: Achieving Results For The American People,” according to a tweet from NBC News.

On the surface, it would appear Trump’s administration had tackled major promises it made along the campaign trail, but the bullet points didn't address some of the finer points and backlashes to some of the president’s orders and meetings with major industry leaders and others.

The release employed many of the phrasing and slogans Trump’s campaign used before claiming the Oval Office last year, like “draining the swamp.” It was also divided into eight sections dubbed “Jumpstarting Job Creation” for the economy and “Restoring Public Safety” with a focus on his actions on immigration like the Mexican border wall and the ban that initially shut down travel for immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. There was no mention of how the immigration ban was shot down in court.

While those latter orders have resulted in protests and the decision by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to cancel a meeting with Trump, the announcement opened with the new president’s work on the economy. It highlighted tech titan Intel’s decision to return to a plan that would reopen a chip factory in Arizona earlier this month, a $7 billion deal that would result in roughly 3,000 jobs over the next three to four years, according to CNET.

However, Intel also told CNET that neither a policy change nor the new administration were factors in the decision.

When it comes to foreign policy, a sticky issue given the administration’s alleged ties to Russia during and after Trump’s Election Day victory in November, the release mentioned Trump placing sanctions on Iran, directions to come up with a new plan to defeat the Islamic State terror group and Trump’s calls and meetings with foreign leaders.

Trump has hosted Japan's Shinzo Abe, Canada's Justin Trudeau and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, but the administration hasn't boasted about the contentious phone call with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull or the president angering China over its "One China" policy and contact with Taiwan's president.