Donald Trump
President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One upon arrival at Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oct. 4, 2018. Getty Images/ Mandel Ngan

President Donald Trump climbed aboard the Air Force One on Thursday, following his rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a piece of paper sticking to his shoe.

The rare sight was caught on cameras as reporters flocked at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport runway to catch the POTUS’ departure.

In the video, that quickly went viral on Twitter, Trump was seen stepping out of the limo and climbing the stairs to the door of Air Force One. His departure would have been uneventful if the social media did not pick up on a piece of white paper that was sticking to the president’s shoe and trailing behind him as he walked up the steps.

After reaching the door of the presidential aircraft, Trump turned around to wave for the cameras and as he stepped inside the plane, the mysterious white paper was left behind. According to Business Insider, four other people boarded the plane after Trump and the last one picked up the paper from the floor.

While it was not definitive what the paper was — maybe just a napkin or simply some sticky paper — Twitter users came to the conclusion it was toilet paper and had a field day posting memes about it.

During the session, Trump rallied the citizens of Minnesota at the Rochester’s Mayo Civic Center in favor of the Republican Party, trying to convince the traditionally blue state to go red for the midterm elections.

“This is supposed to be a Democrat state. … I don’t think so,” Trump said, as his speech was met with a huge applause, Star Tribune reported. “I need your vote. I need your support to stop radical Democrats and to elect proud Minnesota Republicans.”

While around 10,000 people gathered to watch Trump’s speech at the arena, around 2,000 more viewed it on the giant screens outside the facility. Hundreds more flocked the nearby streets in anti-Trump protests.

The president publicly endorsed Republican candidate Karin Housley and criticized her Democratic opponent Tina Smith, saying “nobody ever heard” of her.

Smith defended herself against the president’s attacks through a series of tweets.

“Hope he doesn’t get too comfortable. We may be ‘nice’ in Minnesota but when people like him attack us and our values, we rise up, we fight hard, and we don’t back down,” Smith tweeted.

In other tweet she wrote, "Hey there, @realDonaldTrump. Tina here. Wanted to let you know that I will ALWAYS stand up for Minnesotans in the Senate. Unlike my opponent, who literally said in an interview yesterday she will be your 'rubber stamp' - even when it hurts Minnesota."