Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband, Vili Fualaau, the teen student that she had a sexual relationship with as a teacher, are looking to end their marriage. The couple has entered into private arbitration, and may call it quits as soon as August, Radar Online reported.

Letourneau’s relationship with Fualaau began when he was 12-years-old. She was 34 at the time.

Letourneau served six months in prison for second degree rape of a child. She was caught again with Fualaau in a car and served another seven years in prison for the indecency. The couple was married for 12 years and have two daughters together.

Fualaau filed for legal separation from Letourneau in May 2017. Letourneau responded to the filing months later as she wanted to reconcile the relationship, Radar Online reported.

Now, the case has been referred to arbitration, where a third party will decide the fate of the couple after hearing both of their sides. The arbitration will take place no later than Aug. 1, according to the Washington Superior Court and the arbitrator’s decision will be final on all issues related to their legal separation.

If Letourneau or Fualaau want to overturn or modify the decision of the arbitrator, they will need to have their case heard by a King County judge.

Fualaau has said in 2017 that he wanted to legally separate from Letourneau to start his own business. He told Radar Online at that time, “When you want to get licensed, they do background checks on both parties. If I decide to be a part of it I have to be licensed and I have to be vetted and so does a spouse. She has a past. She has a history.”