Britney Spears’ fans know that the singer has taken a break from her work to completely focus on taking care of her ailing father. She made the announcement on social media, and thanked the fans for their support. A new rumor has now surfaced online that suggests that she is facing a “mental meltdown” because of the father’s situation.

According to a report by Gossip Cop, a new rumor about Spears that has surfaced online suggests that she was “jolted” after her father “almost died” because of his health complications. This event, according to a news report, may put her on a path to a “breakdown.”

Spears actually suffered a breakdown way back in 2008. Her father was able to guide her through that difficult time, and she has been well for the past decade. An “insider” now claims that the singer may get into trouble without the support of her father. She has been on a “regimented schedule,” but that changed after her father got sick. The source claims that Spears could “go over the edge” from worrying too much about her father.

After cancelling her upcoming show “Domination,” and add to that the fact that she isn’t doing any shows, a source has said that she may be facing another “mental meltdown.” However, this report has now been debunked.

An actual source has confirmed that the tabloid story about Spears is simply not true. While it is natural for the singer to be concerned about her father, there is no truth to the story about her being so stressed that she could face another breakdown.

The source also confirmed that no one in Spears’ inner circle is speaking to the magazine that published the fake story. There have been such stories about her mental health in the past, and these stories too have been debunked. Her fans will need to be careful while reading such stories online.

Britney Spears Rumors about Britney Spears "mental meltdown" debunked. In Picture: Singer Britney Spears waves as she attends the announcement of her new residency, 'Britney: Domination' at Park MGM on October 18, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Spears posted a funny Instagram video celebrating Christmas last month. She also posted a picture on Instagram to mark the twentieth anniversary of her album “…Baby One More Time,” the album that launched the highly successful career of the singer.

Apart from the social media posts, Spears has also been spotted with her boyfriend, as reported previously. All the indications suggest that the singer is healthy, both physically and mentally. It may be only a matter of time before she gets back to writing new songs, and performing at events for her fans.