Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper
Rumors about Jennifer Lawrence bring jealous of Lady Gaga are false. In Picture: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence attend the after party of a screening of 'Serena' hosted by Magnolia Pictures And The Cinema Society With Dior Beauty on March 21, 2015 in New York City. Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

Is Jennifer Lawrence jealous of Lady Gaga? A recent rumor suggested that the actress is “hurting” because Bradley Cooper is spending more time with Lady Gaga to seek her advice instead of asking Lawrence. Nothing can be farther from the truth, as this report has now been debunked.

According to Gossip Cop, the rumor stated that Lawrence and Cooper used to be very good friends, but there has been a problem between them lately. Cooper was supposedly seeking advice from Lawrence before, but now a “source” revealed that he bounces off ideas with Lady Gaga instead.

The source went on to add that while Lawrence laughs off the change in her friend’s behavior, it is evident that she is “hurting.” This rumor has been debunked, and the story has been revealed to be nothing more than a fabrication.

An actual source has confirmed that Cooper and Lawrence are still good friends and that the former’s friendship with Lady Gaga hasn’t affected any of his other relationships.

Cooper has worked with Lady Gaga. In the film “A Star Is Born,” which is Cooper’s directorial debut, he casted Lady Gaga. The two also worked together in the short video “Shallow.” Lawrence, on the other hand, has praised the film and is happy about the success of her friend.

A video posted on the YouTube channel of E! News showed the hosts talking about the reports about Lawrence being jealous of Lady Gaga. While there is good chemistry between Cooper and Lady Gaga, everyone, including the fans in the comments section, seemed to agree that this appeared to be a false story.

Meanwhile, Lawrence was spotted going to dinner with her boyfriend, Cooke Maroney, People reported. The couple was spotted bundled up on a cold night in New York City. They were reportedly going to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

Cooper, on the other hand, was spotted at an event near Palm Beach recently, Page Six reported. The actor apparently likes to maintain a low profile and doesn’t have any personal security team accompanying him when he goes to attend events.