Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s relationship is definitely going down in flames. On Monday’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 5, episode 11, Stevie was able to clear his name and Joseline admitted to spreading a giant lie just to get revenge on her estranged husband.

During the episode, Mimi Faust tells Stevie that they are going to take a road trip to North Carolina to see Promise B. Mae, the woman who’s been alleging that Stevie fathered her 2-year-old daughter. In episode 10, Joseline paid Mimi a visit and cried about how she found out that Stevie had two secret children and it was ruining their marriage. Mimi brings a DNA test on their road trip and wants to find out once and for all whether Stevie is the father of Promise’s child. At Promise’s house, Mimi pulls out the DNA test and that’s when Promise drops a bombshell: She lied and Stevie is not the father of her daughter. Promise explains that she lied because she was trying to get Stevie’s attention and wants to be famous. Mimi is shocked by Promise’s confession, and Stevie tells her that she needs to stay away from him and his family.

Promise’s confession isn’t the only big shocker in the episode. Joseline tells her friend Dawn that she lied to Mimi and Stevie doesn’t have any secret children. Joseline says she lied because she wants Mimi to get mad at Stevie and demand child support. They have a young daughter together, named Eva. It’s clear that Joseline is seeking revenge against Stevie.

Also during the episode, Momma Dee meets with Betty Idol to try and hook her up with her son Scrappy. Betty tells Momma Dee that she was working with Scrappy on a song but Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend, Bambi, ruined things because Betty got into a fight with Tami Rivera. Betty also tells Momma Dee that she doesn’t want anything to do with Scrappy after he posted an Instagram video slamming transgender people. Betty is best friends with D. Smith, who’s a transgender woman. Momma Dee is shocked over Scrappy’s video and tells Betty that she never raised him to be so judgmental.

Later in the episode, Momma Dee meets with Scrappy and asks him about the video. She explains that his opinions came off the wrong way and urges him to apologize to Betty. He refuses, but she’s able to talk him into at least meeting with Betty. Scrappy invites Betty to his showcase and when she arrives D. Smith is with her. Scrappy and D. Smith get into a little argument about his views on transgender people because the rapper isn’t backing down or changing his stance. According to Scrappy, transgender people should be more honest about their change, while D. Smith feels that she is honest and a lot of times guys don’t care.