Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the 33-year old Britsh star of The Tudors, is suspected of having attempted suicide after refusing treatment from paramedics who found the actor slumped on the floor of his London apartment.

Rhys Meyers is known to have a drinking problem, and is believed to have taken pills prior to a 999 call on Tuesday night (999 is the UK equivalent of 911). A source told The Sun that it was the opinion of those present that he tried to take his life.

Because of his resistance to being treated, the paramedics eventually called in the police who facililated a transport to a hospital close to the actor's multimillion Central London home.  He was released early yesterday, and replied No comment when a reporter for The Sun asked him how he was doing.

Rhys Meyers' drinking problems have landed him in rehab five times, and last year he was banned from a United Airlines flight after arriving to the airport drunk and disorderly.

I saw the ambulance arriving and was worried to death, a neighbor told The Sun.

Jonathan is a lovely guy. You see him all the time in the street. He says hello and is very pleasant. I hope he is fine.