Christopher appeared to have died in the Season 3 finale of "Dallas" on Monday, Sept. 22. TNT

It was a rough week in the fictional TV universe. Television lovers welcomed back their favorite shows, and said goodbye to others. But whether it was a premiere or a finale, many episodes ended with a shocking and heartbreaking death:

1. “Dallas”

Season 3 of “Dallas” concluded on Monday with a major cliffhanger – the possible death of Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe). The episode ended with a pregnant Elena (Jordana Brewster) walking toward Christopher’s car. Before she could reach him, the car exploded with Christopher inside. The “Dallas” finale ending didn’t look good for the Ewing family member, but fans will have to wait until the Season 4 premiere to find out if he survived or not.

2. “Forever”

“Forever” made its series premiere on Monday by killing off its main character, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), three times before the end of the first episode. In the present day, Henry died in a gruesome subway crash, followed by a self-injected poison testing, and finally from a gunshot wound and a fall off a building. Fortunately he’s immortal and can come back from the dead.

3. “Gotham”

Within the first few minutes of Fox’s new series, “Gotham,” the show killed off Bruce Wayne’s parents. An 11-year-old Bruce had been walking on the streets of Gotham with his mom and dad after a movie when a mugger attacked the trio. The man demanded Mr. Wayne’s wallet and his wife’s pearl necklace. They handed the items over without hesitation, but the mugger still shot them in the chest. The man spared Bruce’s life, and left the young boy standing over his dead parents.

4. “Chicago Fire”

“Chicago Fire” returned to NBC for its third season on Tuesday, picking up where the Season 2 cliffhanger left off – with some of our favorite heroes stuck in a burning building. After months of waiting, viewers finally learned that Leslie Shay (Lauren German) was killed in the explosion. Gabby (Monica Raymund) tried to perform CPR on her, but she was already gone.

5. “Bones”

It was a rough Season 10 premiere for “Bones” fans. While Brennan (Emily Deschanel) was able to get Booth (David Boreanaz) out of jail, their involvement in the conspiracy resulted in the death of Sweets (John Francis Daley). Sweets was killed while retrieving documents for Booth and Brennan. His death was extra heartbreaking because viewers had just learned that Daisy was pregnant with his baby.

6. “Scandal”

“Scandal” returned to ABC for its fourth season on Thursday, picking up a couple of months after the shocking events in the Season 3 finale. It was confirmed during the premiere episode that Harrison (Columbus Short) was killed. Olivia (Kerry Washington) received a newspaper clipping on the discovery of his body while living her new life with Jake on an island 100 miles of the coast of Zanzibar.

7. “How To Get Away With Murder”

“How To Get Away With Murder” premiered on ABC on Thursday, introducing viewers to intense law professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis). Just as the headline suggests, episode 1 focused on a group of Annalise’s star students covering up a murder. In the final moments it was revealed that the body they were trying to hide was none other than Sam Keting (Tom Verica), husband of Annalise. How he died and why they law students committed the crime has yet to be explored.

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