YouTube make-up artist Tanya Burr recreated Bella Swan's make up in the final Twilight movie after seeing the film at its premier. Wikipedia

While most people can only dream of being with Edward Cullen, they can at least look like Bella Swan.

To commemorate the Nov. 16 release of “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2,” YouTube make-up artist Tanya Burr did a make up tutorial for Bella Swan’s striking make up in the saga’s final film.

The 23-year-old beauty expert attended the “Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2” premiere in London this week and was inspired to create the tutorial for Bella’s makeup after watching the film.

According to the Daily Mail, Burr recreates Bella’s mystic vampire look, “from her pale matte skin to her smoldering smoky eyes, and not to mention those plump blood stained lips.”

Burr began by applying a rose ivory foundation. She notes that only a small amount of the foundation is required, adding that it was too light for her taste but was perfect for the vampire look.

She then moved on to recreating Bella’s innocuous eye make-up. Using a MAC eye shadow palette, she shaded her eyebrows with “charcoal brown.” She blended several shades of brown, going over her eyelids, contouring the sides and adding a shade to her under eye.

“Bella's eye make-up was so beautiful. It was just a really naturally contoured eye with browny-colors lots of brown under the eye but it wasn't really dark, just golden brown,” she said.

“It's just a little bit heavier with the browns than what she wore in the previous films when she was just Bella and not a vampire.”

After applying false eyelashes, for which she uses Eyelure's Cheryl Cole brand, she contours her cheekbones with Boujois chocolate bronzer.

She completes the look by emulating Bella’s “iconic” lips.

“Bella's lips were quite defined but had no color to them whatsoever,” she says.

Burr uses a MAC “boldly bare” lip pencil and “retro” lipstick; defining her lips with the liner and patting the lipstick on to make it look natural.

“This look is really simple and wearable for everyday and it feels quite glamorous and I love it because I feel like Bella,” Burr concluded.