Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Stars of "Twilight" appear at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards presentation. This year, only Taylor Lautner will be attending the show. Reuters

Ever since the first “Twilight” movie was released in 2008, the teen vampire series has claimed most honors at the annual MTV Movie Awards, raking in every win from “best kiss” to “best movie” thanks to stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Over the past five years and five installments of the series, fans have tuned in to see their favorite heroine, vampire and werewolf sweep the show, but this year, things have drastically changed.

On March 5, MTV released their nominations for the popular awards show, shocking fans with only one nomination for the last flick, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” The films, which have normally been nominated for five or more categories each year, was recognized only for “best shirtless performance” from Lautner, stirring anger among the worldwide fan base.

“Well, at least I don’t have to watch these lame awards again. Really, guys? Pissing off the Twi-hards? Not smart,” said one MTV.com commenter named Belinda.

The “Twilight” fan site BreakingDawnMovie.org called the lack of nominations a blatant insult and a "screw you" to Twilight fans.

MTV's own news correspondent, Josh Horowitz, who frequently interviewed the "Twilight" stars, even tweeted his own sadness last month.

Some MTV viewers were pleased, however, calling it time to let go of the popular franchise.

“This is the smartest set of nominations from MTV in 5 years," said MTV.com commenter Maria Cristina. "I was getting so sick of seeing Twilight win all of these undeserving awards. Twilight does not even compare to so many of the movies nominated. MTV will be losing brainless viewers which I think most of us are happy about."

Those “brainless viewers” have apparently had enough, spreading a message throughout the rampant "Twilight" fan base, asking fans to boycott the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday.

Fansite Twilight Poison issued an open letter claiming that fans are “speechless” that the network gave the final installment only one nomination in a "deliberate" snub.

“MTV knows the power this fandom has and used it several times so we’d tune in and watch their shows,” says the letter, which blames MTV for focusing too heavily on Oscar-nominated films instead of their usually favored blockbusters.

“Yes, MTV, I’m sure that Ben Affleck polishes his Oscar, he’s making room for the Golden Popcorn. Call me crazy, but I grew up watching these award shows and the cool thing about them is that they celebrated movies that the critics never took seriously, but that audiences loved and enjoyed,” it says.

In an effort to cut viewership of the awards show, boycotters have planned a worldwide viewing party, inviting fans of the saga to re-watch the final “Twilight” film at the same time together Sunday night while incorporating the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night in hopes of it trending.

“Spread the word and share this post daily so nobody misses this watch-along,” says the letter, even inviting fans to ask cast members to join them in support of the boycott.

While news of the protest is spreading, the fansite insists that the MTV walkout isn’t because fans are “butt hurt,” but merely because they want a chance to say goodbye to the vampire phenomenon.

“We’re doing this for us, as our final goodbye. Our last group hug."

“The Twilight Saga” has won 15 MTV Movie Awards since 2009, receiving nine other nominations. The first year “Twilight” was nominated, ratings skyrocketed by 92 percent, averaging at 5.3 million viewers making it the highest rated show for the network since 2004.

For those who will be watching the show, the 2013 MTV Movie Awards will air Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.