Big, purple badge Twitch

Twitch just launched its new affiliate program this week, allowing new streamers to make money before becoming verified partners. This is good news for the thousands of streamers who have yet to catch Twitch’s eye but have a sizable audience and want to make some money. But what are partnered Twitch streamers getting? The purple streaming service hasn’t forgotten about the streamer’s the company is built on and is giving out Verified Badges to partners.

Twitch Verified

If you are already a verified partner with Twitch, go to Settings and then Chat Settings; it’s the same place you work on Automod or ban certain words. There, you can edit appearance and add the new icon to your chat name. It will appear instead of the sub or Twitch Prime symbol that usually takes its place.

The Twitch Verified symbol doesn’t really do anything, but it is cool to be able to show off your high-earning status in Twitch chat. If you want to spam ResidentSleeper, go ahead, but keep in mind that this new symbol doesn’t protect you from the banhammer. A Twitch partner has to be really careful what they say in chat; one slip-up and your channel is gone. Now that you’ve got a symbol that basically says “I’m a big-time Twitch streamer,” there are going to be viewers waiting for you to write something dumb.

ResidentSleeper and Pogchamp are always cool to spam; let everyone know how proud you are of that sub button.