• A Twitter user recently started an alternative account called @SuspendThePress, copying Trump's tweets word for word
  • Twitter immediately charged the account for breaching its the terms of service by "glorifying violence" 
  • It took only three days for the social media platform to take action and temporarily suspend the account

A Twitter user reportedly got suspended after posting exactly what President Donald Trump tweets.

On May 29, the user started an experiment and began tweeting Trump’s controversial posts verbatim via the account @SuspendThePress. Just three days later, the social media platform flagged one of the tweets for violating Twitter guidelines and temporarily suspended the account.

Bizarre Lazar, the user behind the Twitter account, explained that he wanted to test how long it would take Twitter to find and act on the copied posts from Trump -- which have apparently been tagged as “glorifying violence” and have violated the social media platform’s policies.

The tweet in question copied Trump’s post about the ongoing protests in the wake of the George Floyd killing last May. The president labeled protesters as “thugs,” along with the message, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Despite having the same content, Twitter has not given Trump's account the same penalty as it did Lazar’s. For Trump’s tweets, the platform did give the president's posts a warning label flagging them for "glorifying violence" against police-brutality protesters, but they were still allowed to stay up, with Twitter stating "it may be in the public's interest for the Tweet to remain accessible."

On the other hand, Lazar’s @SuspendThePres immediately received a 12-hour suspension for posting the same tweet as the president.

"My intention was to see if the things the president was saying, coming from a civilian, would be flagged," Lazar told Business Insider. "Really I wanted to simply see if Twitter would play favorites on speech and their terms."

The outlet noted that Trump using Twitter to make official announcements and criticize his opponents has put it under "increased scrutiny." Twitter has been called out and ordered to clarify its policies around tweets and posts from high-profile users like government officials.

The social media platform has taken the stance that it won’t take action against tweets that go against the policies for the sake of “public interest.”

Just last week, Twitter had already come under fire with the president for displaying fact-check tags on two of his tweets that featured misleading information about mail-in ballots and voter fraud, Forbes reported.

The action immediately prompted Trump to issue an executive order targeting Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which shields the freedom of expression and innovation across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook from lawsuits.

In his motion, Trump will reportedly seek to limit the law, which will likely make these platforms more vulnerable to legal challenges.

President Donald Trump's post about looting was flagged up by Twitter for "glorifying violence"
President Donald Trump's post about looting was flagged up by Twitter for "glorifying violence" GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer