Twitter on NYSE
Twitter has made its analytics information available to all users rather than only advertisers, as has traditionally been the case. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has opened up its analytics service to everyone, giving all users the ability to find out how many times each of their tweets was seen, along with other new perks previously only available to executives.

The social media company first experimented with giving non-advertisers access to the analytics dashboard in June before expanding it again for marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers in July. Now, starting Wednesday, all users can find out how much of a voice they have on Twitter simply by visiting

Users can now find out how many “impressions” each of their tweets has received (Translation: how many times other Twitter users saw a single message), how many retweets and replies each tweet has had, how many times others have clicked on their Twitter profile, and how many times users “engaged” with one of their tweets.

Twitter has also published a complete list of terms and definitions for users who, while curious about their Twitter presence, are unsure about exactly why each metric matters.

Twitter’s advertisers have long had access to the analytics feature, although anyone else hoping for the same insight has traditionally needed to rely on third-party apps and plug-ins. There’s no word on if or when Twitter will integrate the analytics into mobile apps.