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Twitter has added another new update to the app and it’s one many users have clamored for. Users can now send replies to other users that are a full 140 characters without the username of the person you’re replying to counting towards that 140 character limit.

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The new Twitter feature is rolling out on the web version as well as mobile version on Thursday. Conversations on Twitter will now be easier to follow and view, instead of the name of the person you’re replying to appearing in the Tweet it will appear above the tweet.

If you’d like to change who you’re replying to, you can select or remove individuals from the reply by clicking the users listed above the reply and select or deselect the check mark next to a user’s names.

This also means that when you click on a conversation either you, or another user, are involved in, you’ll see, “replying to…” followed by the people involved in the conversation and the reply itself below that. It promotes better discussion and interaction and comes from requests from users, says Twitter.

But this new addition may backfire, at least until Twitter fixes the fact that this means people can reply to a huge amount of people at once, many more than you could manage with just 140 characters. One reporters for Gizmodo and The Intercept were able to tag up to 50 other users.

This update has the potential to clog up timelines and mentions if abused.

Twitter has also made it possible for users to reply to themselves and adjusted the app so that photos, gifs and videos added to tweets do not lower the character count from 140.