Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) wants you to use the microblogging network more -- Twitter also needs you to use it more and for more of your friends to join -- but with more users comes more voices, including some you may not like. On Monday, Twitter released a 1-minute video and new online page called its "Safety Center" to help educate old or new users on Twitter safe practices.

"The more you use Twitter, the more you interact with people. If one of these people becomes negative, annoying, threatening or harmful, it's important to know the tools we provide to help you deal with such behavior," a narrator says in the video.

In the video, Twitter explains several tools -- mute, block and report -- and outlines scenarios for when each feature would be appropriate to deploy. For example, the company suggests muting your followers who might spoil television shows or those who are "tweeting nonstop." Don't fret -- they aren't notified. Block is meant for accounts who are "creepy or obnoxious." Lastly, report is for accounts that are "harassing, bullying or threatening."

The video also suggests contacting local law enforcement if an individual feels that he or she is in immediate danger. In March, Twitter released a new tool that allows users to easily create summary reports of tweets they believe are threatening. In April, the company tweaked the wording of its abuse policy to “You may not publish or post threats of violence against others or promote violence against others.” Last month, Twitter introduced an option to create and share lists of blocked accounts to other Twitter users.

These updates encompass Twitter's effort to curb harassment, educate its 300 million userbase and keep the company growing, as Wall Street investors hover over. Dick Costolo stepped down from the position of Twitter CEO on July 1 amid increasing pressure from investors since the company failed to meet expectations for growth. The San Francisco-based company, currently led by cofounder Jack Dorsey, is searching for a permanent CEO. Twitter reports quarterly earnings on July 28.