• President-elect Joe Biden believes the $600 stimulus check is not enough and wants to give a third-round payment of $2,000
  • Some Twitter users netizens suggested that stimulus checks should be sent out monthly
  • Other users requested a more targeted help as some who received previous stimulus checks did not need them

President-elect Joe Biden wants to give Americans a new $2,000 stimulus check, and social media users have shared their suggestions for the third phase.

Just weeks after Americans began receiving their second COVID-19 relief payments, Biden tweeted Sunday that the $600 stimulus check is "simply not enough when you have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table" and that $2,000 stimulus checks are needed.

Reacting to Biden's message, some Twitter users pointed out that the amount would not cover the rent in many cities. Instead, they suggested that the stimulus checks should be sent out monthly.

"$2k is an insult. Anything less than $2k/month for the duration and retroactive back to March is a joke," one commented, while another wrote, "We need more but we will settle for a $2,000 stimulus check."

Some are already expecting relief payments to be stopped in the coming months, with one writing, "$2000 is simply not enough. We need $40,000 stimulus checks. Enough to last 6 or 8 months. Please President Biden, do the right thing for your people."

Others had no problem with the amount but requested a change in who is eligible to receive stimulus checks. 

"$2,000 is not enough either. And I don't mean the money. I mean the people who are getting it. You need to give the stimulus to every adult regardless of dependency. Like college students or adults who were filed as dependent on the previous year's taxes!" one wrote.

"@JoeBiden do you plan on changing the stimulus to support dependents over 18 under 22? A lot of people could use it for college, helping their families, etc," another asked.

"Can allied healthcare workers get a stimulus payment for all of the hard work we’ve done working on the frontlines and the mental anguish we’ve dealt with during these times please thank you?" a third user tweeted.

One user said releasing more stimulus checks to most adult Americans is unnecessary because some who have received payments do not really need them.

"That’s just wasteful spending. A lot of people are on unemployment on top of stimulus checks. Not to mention a lot of people like me have gotten $1800 when we have never missed a check. That’s $1800 the government wasted because I did not need it," @calbert_14 wrote.

The user stressed that the government should "find a better way to target those who need it and not just give money to everyone."

Another agreed and said those who are still earning should not receive stimulus checks. “Targeted help, be smart,” the user wrote.

Many netizens also showed their appreciation for Biden. "Thank you sir!!!" one commented. "Thank you!! Stimulus any stimulus need to be retroactive at least to first of August," another added.

"Thank you, we sure could use it. It's been very hard to keep up with bills," a third user wrote.

During a press conference last week, Biden announced that he will be formally unveiling on Thursday a new COVID relief plan that he will introduce to Congress upon taking office later this month.

"We need to provide more immediate relief for families and businesses now," he said. "People are really, really, really in desperate shape."

Joe Biden said he will push for a new economic rescue package worth trillions of dollars Joe Biden said he will push for a new economic rescue package worth trillions of dollars Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON