Jessie James and Eric Decker
Pictured: Jessie James and Eric Decker, who welcomed their third baby this week, attending the 2016 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee on June 8, 2016. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT


  • Jessie James Decker claimed that her niece accidentally spilled some popcorn in the aisle on the plane
  • A flight attendant allegedly gave James Decker's sister a trash bag and wet wipe and told her to "clean up every drop"
  • Anthony Bass claimed that his pregnant wife was forced to get on her hands and knees to clean up the popcorn

Jessie James Decker wasn't happy about her sister's experience with United Airlines.

The 35-year-old country singer slammed the airline on social media Sunday after her five-month pregnant sister, Sydney Rae Bass, was allegedly "humiliated" during a recent flight.

"My sister @sydneyraebass just texted me from her flight on @united," James Decker wrote in the lengthy message she shared via her Instagram Story. "As you know, she is five months pregnant, high risk, and also traveling alone with her two small children."

James Decker explained that her niece Blaire accidentally spilled some popcorn in the aisle on the plane. She went on to allege that a flight attendant then gave her pregnant sister "a trash bag and a wet wipe, telling her the captain wants Syd to clean up every drop."

"My poor sister is on her hands and knees, crying in the aisle completely humiliated and exhausted, with her children while everyone else watched. Way to go united," she concluded.

While some Twitter users could understand James Decker's feelings about the situation, others pointed out that parents are usually responsible for cleaning up after their children.

"'Humiliated' for expecting her and her children to be responsible. These [people] have so much [money], why didn't they fly private? They all come across as so entitled," one tweeted.

Another shared, "I always pick up my kids' mess -- pregnant, out to eat, anywhere. I'm not above cleaning up after my child."

James Decker's post came after her sister Sydney's husband Anthony Bass, a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, called out the airline Sunday for allegedly forcing his pregnant wife to get on her hands and knees to clean up the popcorn dropped by their daughter.

"The flight attendant @united just made my 22-week pregnant wife traveling with a 5-year-old and 2-year-old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!" he tweeted alongside a snap of their two kids onboard the plane, with popcorn scattered on the floor.

Anthony's post sparked debate on Twitter over who is responsible for cleaning up messes on flights.

One Twitter user responded to his post, asking: "Genuinely curious, who should clean up the mess your 2-year-old made? As a parent of three kids, I am the one responsible for them."

Anthony replied, "The cleaning crew they hire!" But another user responded, "There is no cleaning crew. It's the flight attendants. Who actually don't get paid for that time, interestingly enough. Pick up after your own children."

However, another person pointed out, "I see a cleaning crew enter the plane every time I get off of one. You don't think other people spill things? Or do you think everyone cleans up after themselves when they do?"

"So just because janitors exist we can spill drinks and throw our food down in hallways?" another asked.

"I won't lie, the fact that the flight attendant had the guts to make the passenger clean up their own MESS kinda makes me wanna fly United more," one user wrote, noting in another tweet that "I would never let my kids make that kind of a mess anyway, much less expect someone else to clean it up."

United Airlines responded to Anthony's tweet, asking for his wife's flight details in order to investigate the matter.

"Hi there, Anthony. We certainly understand your concern and we'd like to look into this. When you have a moment, please DM your wife's confirmation number along with any additional details regarding her interaction with this crew member," United Airlines wrote.

In a follow-up Instagram Story, James Decker claimed that the flight attendant told her sister Sydney that the spilled popcorn in the aisle was "a safety hazard."

However, the sisters claimed that the airline had provided the snack on "both" of Sydney's flights.

"If popcorn is a hazard, why are they giving it on planes?" James Decker said while filming her sister.

Sydney has not addressed the drama further but shared an ultrasound image from a doctor's appointment Monday.

Eric Decker and Jessie James
Eric Decker and wife Jessie James are now expecting their third baby. Pictured: The athlete and the singer attending the 27th Annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game at First Tennessee Park in Nashville, Tennessee on June 10, 2017. Getty Images/Rick Diamond