• Amy Schumer said her insecurities after giving birth played a big role in why she fired Penn Badgley's wife Domino Kirke as her doula
  • Some social media users pointed out that doulas provide care for moments such as what the comedian experienced
  • Others users praised Schumer for her honesty

Amy Schumer's reason for firing Penn Badgley's wife Domino Kirke from being her postpartum doula in 2019 received mixed responses on social media.

On Wednesday's episode of Badgley's podcast "Podcrushed," the 41-year-old comedian admitted that her insecurities after giving birth to son Gene David, now 3, played a big role in why she let go Kirke, who was Schumer's doula through her pregnancy.

Schumer acknowledged that her reason is "unfair" to Kirke but explained that she felt "so vulnerable" while recovering from a cesarean section and couldn't handle being around a wonderful and gorgeous "goddess" like Badgley's wife.

The "Trainwreck" star described Kirke as "lovely" and like "a family member," but explained: "I just didn't have the strength to allow myself the luxury of having her around our home. I was like, I think you can't come anymore."

Badgley only responded, "That's fair." However, Twitter users were more open about what they thought about Schumer's comments.

"What a shame to waste such a wonderful resource for self-care because you're so earth-shatteringly jealous and insecure. I hope she's getting the therapy she needs," one commented.

"Wow. She was hella insecure. That's sad," another added.

"Seriously, the woman is providing care specifically for the moment she's in, but unfortunately, her insecurities made it weird," a third person wrote.

Some users said they understood where Schumer was coming from.

"That's cool. I commend @amyschumer for being able to be forthcoming about feelings like that. It takes strength and self-awareness. Right on," one person tweeted. "I would probably feel the same way."

"Newsflash: [during] post-partum (and after a C-section?!?!), women are allowed to be insecure. The fact that she admitted it and said it was wrong [is better than] scolding her about it," another user wrote, defending the comedian.

"Not a Schumer fan. That said, mad respect for keeping it. Honesty, most especially about our own failings, goes a long way," a third netizen added.

Schumer welcomed her first child in May 2019 with husband Chris Fischer, 42, whom she married in February 2018.

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer is pictured at the “I Feel Pretty” premiere on April 17, 2018 in Westwood, California. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images