• A new report has claimed that James Corden could replace Ellen DeGeneres
  • Twitter users have mixed reactions to Corden possibly replacing DeGeneres
  • One of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" executive producers said "nobody is going off the air"

Twitter users say "no" to James Corden replacing Ellen DeGeneres.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" has been subjected to internal investigation after former and current staffers complained about its toxic working environment. There are rumors that Ellen is quitting and some fear that the show will be canceled for good. A new report has claimed that Corden could replace DeGeneres, prompting many Twitter users to react.

"You fail to realize everyone hates him more than ellen," @emnightcat commented.

"THIS IS WORSE," @KShawntika opined.

"Ahhh.... Yes! Replacing a problematic TV talkshow host with another problematic TV talkshow host," @kathypunera93 wrote.

"Lol replacing one awful person with another," @CelebrityPool wrote.

"How do you go from bad to worse? James has time and time again proven what a terrible person he is.. this would be taking 10 steps backwards. Why don’t they try and idk, give someone who’s never had a shot, a shot? Just a thought," @ChrisBValentin added.

Meanwhile, another user shared a screenshot of a story about Corden being "surprisingly not nice in real life." The write-up was from someone who watched Corden's show from the studio.

"The biggest disappointment is that James seems more annoyed than happy with his job," the article read.

"As soon as cameras were off he checked his mobile, didn't even look at the audience. He got annoyed if something didn't work out and showed it. When the audience clapped for too long he got annoyed and made signs so we stop or vice versa. After the show he just left without a word or anything."

The person who wrote the piece in the screenshot about Corden also visited Jimmy Kimmel's show and opted for the latter. "If you have the choice go to Jimmy," the author concluded.

"I went to a taping of James Corden's show and i agree 100% with what is being said. he looks more annoyed than happy, came off really fake to me," @haitianfrekan agreed.

Meanwhile, some disagreed and claimed that Corden is a perfect choice for the job.

"Excellent choice!!! He's perfect and everyone loves him," @HoweJacq wrote.

"That would be awesome, I love James Corden's Carpool Karaoke and his hilarious skits! He always makes me laugh out loud and he has great guest!!!" @Christy33866802 opined.

However, one should take the report about Corden replacing DeGeneres with a grain of salt. Andy Lessner, one of the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" producers already said that "nobody is going off the air."

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