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  • Several netizens felt that Prince Harry's book wasn't new since normal families experience the same
  • Many netizens took to Twitter and used the hashtags #SpareUs and #ShutUpHarry
  • Some supported Prince Harry; they were impressed with how he took control of the narrative about him

Several netizens expressed their lack of interest in Prince Harry's upcoming memoir on social media.

Several extracts from the Duke of Sussex's book "Spare" have been released by various outlets. Prince Harry dissed his father King Charles, brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton in them, and his statements against his family didn't sit well with several netizens, who expressed disdain for his book. Some wanted to be spared from the book, while others urged him to shut up using the hashtag #ShutUpHarry.

"Harry's silly book 'Spare' (Oh puhlease spare us) could have been written about any ordinary family. These are the kinds of interactions [that] take place in most normal, healthy families. What a silly little boy he has now proven himself to be," one tweeted.

"Poor deluded little Harry has no idea that normal families have the same issues. He believes himself to be special. #SpareUsHarry I am going to publish a book containing everything members of my family said to me and all the naughty things I did!" another user wrote.

"I thought the book was not about the prince he was born, but the 'Man he had become.' All I heard was the whining of a little boy who needs to grow up. When you become a man Harold, let us know. Actually, don't. We've heard enough. #ShutUpHarold #SpareUs #PrinceHarryIsATraitor," another added.

"The contents of #PrinceHarry's book reveal a childish, desperate & sick man. No vulnerability, no accountability, [and] perhaps the longest hypocritical whineathon in history. I am grateful our late beloved Queen did not have to see this. #Spare #SpareUs #PrinceHarryhasgonemad," a fourth person opined.

Despite the criticisms against Prince Harry, with some wanting him to shut up, his supporters were pleased that his book was releasing soon.

"I love the way Prince Harry is selling his book #SPARE. Brilliant," one wrote. Another added, "Some will say #PrinceHarry overshared in #Spare BUT he has taken ANY power the media had over him and set it on fire. He took control. They can't write a story he hasn't wrote [sic] himself. Good and bad. And they will hate it. I love him. I love Meg. I love them."

"Okay, this is impressive and exactly what true growth looks like. [People] don't understand how marginalized communities love seeing transformation like #PrinceHarry #Spare Acknowledge the wrong, be genuinely sorry and do better going forward," a third person wrote.

"Love them or hate them, you're All talking about them!! Kerching #HarryandMeghanonNetflix #Spare #PrinceHarry," a fourth user commented.

Prince Harry's highly-anticipated book will hit shelves Tuesday.

Prince Harry has promised an 'unflinching' account of the royal family in his book