President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron continued their saga of uncomfortable handshakes Friday as the two leaders were shown grasping each others' hands for about 25 seconds in a farewell handshake.

Trump didn't even release Macron's hand when he kissed, and took the hand of, Macron's wife Brigitte. Eventually, the three were joined by the first lady Melania Trump for a four-way handshake.

The video almost immediately went viral after it was posted on Twitter. 

Trump and Macron are seen walking down a Paris street backed by a marching band and French flag. Flanked by the Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron, Trump grasped Brigitte's hand with his left hand even as he continued to hold the French president's hand with his right.

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Trump's visit to Paris has drawn global attention. The two world leaders gave a joint press conference Thursday and later attended a military parade for the French holiday Bastille Day. However, despite serious talks between the leaders, the handshakes were scrutinized online Friday. 

Twitter users commented at length about the awkward and lengthy handshake between the two leaders. Some users said that the video made the president look "creepy" while others wondered if the French president is "making a fool" of his U.S. counterpart.

Other users focused on Melania Trump, who looked like she was left out of the exchange, and joked that Macron's wife told her to "get out while you can." 

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At a NATO summit in Belgium in May, the two world leaders met for the first time and engaged in multiple lengthy and awkward handshakes.

One of the handshakes at the May Summit showed Trump pulling Macron's arm and the other showed the two staring each other down for an extended period of time. Macron later called Trump's handshake "a moment of truth" and "not innocent."

Trump had an awkward handshake when he met with Brigitte Macron. Then Trump complimented Brigitte Macron's "physical shape."

"You're in such good shape. She's in such good physical shape. Beautiful," Trump told Brigitte Macron, who was standing next to Melania Trump at the time.