• Amber Heard tweets about mosques, churches and museums being real places
  • Twitter users were not pleased with Heard’s comparison of the three places
  • Heard was criticized for going braless when she visited the mosques in Istanbul

Amber Heard made a tweet mentioning mosques, churches and museums as “real places” and Twitter users were not pleased because she seemingly suggested that the three are similar.

Heard received an intense backlash from Twitter users after she shared photos from her mosque visit in Istanbul over the weekend. Many found her pictures offensive especially because she was braless in them. In another photo she shared, she was seemingly laughing while a man behind was praying. But she was wearing a headscarf during the visit and she highlighted it in her tweet.

"Mosques are real places. So are museums & churches. So are head scarfs (where they are sometimes required n order 2 visit). Mystery solved," Heard wrote on Twitter.

However, it appeared to many that she was comparing mosques and churches to museums in her tweet. Heard’s tweet was quickly flooded with responses from the online users, who slammed her over the comparison.

"Anyway, far as amber Heard is concerned, theres no difference between a place of worship and a museum so I guess it doesn’t matter what we women wear, or don’t wear... what a sad woman. To believe in nothing but herself," one commented.

"Seriously Mosques and Churches are holy places. And you compared them to museums? And you claim yourself as activist you should know better," another wrote.

"Did you just compare a mosque to a museum? As far as I know museums don’t require you to cover your nipples, so why don’t you go and visit some museums, you might learn something,” another opined with rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

Another user reminded Heard that mosques and churches are places for worship while museums are not. The same user added that the problem was not her scarf but her inappropriate attire when she visited the mosques.

Twitter user @LaLa22388411 told Heard that mosques and churches are not comparable to museums. The netizen also reminded the "Drive Angry" star to "wear how mosques demand" because it's not a "place about fashion."

On the other hand, several still showed their love and support for Heard despite the criticisms she received from her critics.

"She’s made an effort to cover her hair & wear looser clothing. So let’s leave the judgement to Allah," Aisha Ali-Khan commented.

"You are wonderful. You visited the mosque, and this impressed me and people admired your visit to the mosque or church. They are a place to worship God, no problem," another added.

"I'll always Support you Dear, who Are they to criticize You, its your life and your choice.. Dont give a darn about them. Love you dear ! God bless," @batmanronit wrote.

Meanwhile, user @Mansoor_Tirmizi praised Heard for visiting the mosques in Istanbul and encouraged the actress to continue it, so she will meet more good Muslims. He also left an advice for Heard for her next mosque visit: "[W]earing full cover of your chest would be more suitable for the place."

Amber Heard
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