• Melania Trump didn't want to use the same toilet and shower that Michelle Obama used 
  • Twitter users slammed the FLOTUS after learning about the toilet issue
  • Some defended Melania because the FLOTUS simply doesn't want to use toilets other people had used

Melania Trump received another round of criticisms after a report claimed that she refused to use the same toilet that former First Lady Michelle Obama used in the White House.

The first lady was criticized for painting herself as a victim when she released a statement following the Capitol riot. Now Twitter users are after her because she allegedly didn't want to utilize the same toilet that the ex-FLOTUS had used.

Melania "didn’t want to move to the White House right away in part because she didn’t want to have to use the same shower and toilet as former first lady Michelle Obama," Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was quoted as saying.

The netizens immediately reacted to the revelation and some slammed Melania for her decision to have the toilet replaced.

"I'm not surprised. Melania refused to occupy the East Wing until the toilet in her bathroom are replaced. She didn't want to sit where a black woman did before her. Damned bigots, the lot of them," one commented.

"I heard Melania and Frumpy had all the toilets replaced in the WH when they moved in because they didn’t want to use the Obamas’. I tell you, these people be crazy," another added.

"Remember how Melania would not go to WH until toilet was replaced. None of them will use a toilet a black person used," a third user wrote.

"Yuk! Can't use the toilets used by Trump & Melania who were infected by Covis-19[sic], and the rest of the family who are probably silent carriers. Biden should not move into the WH until the whole WH is disinfected and also all the filthy toilets should be replaced with new ones," another opined.

Meanwhile, others defended Melania saying she didn't do it just because Obama was the first to use the toilet, but the first lady has always been like that when it comes to using toilets.

"To be fair, according to a (former), friend of Melania's, she didn't want to use a toilet ANYONE else had used," the netizen wrote.

"She [Melania] was not prepared to use the same bathroom as the Obamas or anyone else for that matter - it wouldn't matter if it was the Queen of England," another stated.

Interestingly, Melania did not change the toilets alone, she had the whole room redecorated because she wasn't fan of the beige and burnt orange palette that the Obama's chose. She also redesigned the solarium to reflect her aesthetic.

Also, Melania wasn’t the only member of the Trump family who is very particular when it comes to sharing toilets with other people. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also don’t share their toilets with their staff, according to a report.

"The jared and ivanka toilet scandal sounds like melania’s toilet replacement scandal so why are the trumps so afraid of OPC??? (other people's caca)," one asked.

"Trump administration was the story of a group of people fixated with control over their toilets," Jonathan Chait wrote.

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