• Mike Tindall allegedly used an insulting word while describing Prince Harry's behavior
  • Twitter users were furious at the former rugby player for criticizing the Duke of Sussex
  • Several Reddit users supported Tindall and said he was right with what he said about Prince Harry

Prince Harry's supporters came after Mike Tindall after he allegedly used a derogatory term to describe the former.

Tindall spoke about the Jubilee Weekend in one episode of his podcast "The Good, The Bad and The Rugby." The former rugby player shared the best moment they had during the four-day festivities, which for him was after the Platinum Party at the Palace concert because "we all chatted together, we went in and had a drink with everyone."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were visibly missing at the star-studded concert because it was their daughter Lilibet's first birthday. Daily Express claimed that the former rugby player allegedly called Prince Harry's behavior "b—--d" at one point in the podcast. The term was a vulgar slang referring to the glans of the penis and usually used to describe a despicable man. The outlet noted that the word was derogatory and insulting, and it didn't sit well with the Sussex fans.

"I didn't really have an opinion about Mike Tindall, but after all I read about his jealousy of Harry and his friendship with William, I'm not ashamed to say that I don't like him. Not even one little bit," one tweeted.

"Mike Tindall it's OK for someone not to want to hang out with you. Prince Harry has repeatedly said he wants out & yet you want him to hang out at an after-party with you. Please let it go he doesn't want that. Princess Anne protected Zara her whole life from the whole circus now," another added.

"So The Duke of 'Shrek-Land' Mike Tindall decide[s] to throw [an] insult at Harry but not in his Face! Just goes to show that he is nothing but a Classless," another stated.

While Twitter users were critical of Tindall, the netizens on Reddit supported him. Many of them even voiced their support for the former athlete.

"As an American, I have no idea what Mike Tindall said. but if it's bleeped out, he's not wrong," one wrote on Reddit.

"I love Mike Tindall. HE is the breath of fresh air the monarchy needed, not the wife," another added.

"He isn't wrong lmao - also indicative that Harry was being impetuous on the days he was in the UK," a third person commented.

Meanwhile, some speculated that Tindall was targeted because of his close relationship with Prince William and Middleton, which was evident in the past weeks and during the Platinum Jubilee celebration.

The netizen claimed Prince Harry wasn't happy with Tindall and Prince William's great bond. The user also noted how Middleton enjoyed Tindall's conversation with Prince Louis at the pageant.

In May, Tindall and the Duke of Cambridge were spotted laughing as they playfully bantered in front of Tindall's wife and Prince Harry's royal cousin, Zara. The two men ended their banter with a hug.

Tindall also previously said that the royal family wanted to throw punches at Prince Harry after his recent behavior. He made the comment months after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Harry and Markle were seen with Zara after the thanksgiving service on June 3 at the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. However, Tindall noticeably didn't greet the Sussexes and was busy talking to another man until Prince Harry and Markle left.

Zara Tindall, Prince Harry, Mike Tindall
Prince Harry has not yet given Zara and Mike Tindall an invitation to his and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Pictured: The Tindalls with Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth park on Sept. 12, 2014 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson