• Vanessa Hudgens played three characters in Netflix's "Princess Switch: Switched Again"
  • The actress' performance received praise from viewers
  • Netflix earlier announced a third "Princess Switch" film, where Hudgens will also play three characters

Vanessa Hudgens impressed fans and Netflix viewers after playing three different characters in her new movie, "Princess Switch: Switched Again."

Hudgens received praise for playing Lady Margaret of Monternero and baker-turned-princess Stacy De Novo in the 2018 Christmas romantic comedy film, "Princess Switch." In the sequel to the Netflix movie, she pulls triple duty, also starring as Margaret's spitting image cousin, the blonde-haired Fiona.

Twitter users who watched the movie couldn't help but praise Hudgens' versatility, with many hoping she receives recognition for her performance.

"Without a doubt, Vanessa Hudgens will win Best Actress at the Oscars next year for 'The Princess Switch: Switched Again,'" one fan tweeted.

"I take it back, the 'Princess Switch: Switched Again' is the greatest Christmas film ever and Vanessa Hudgens deserves an Oscar for her performance as Fiona," another Twitter user wrote.

"If Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t win 55 Oscars and a medal for that, I will award them to her myself. literally, speechless. Vanessa Anne Hudgens, you deserve EVERYTHING and more after that movie, I’m so proud," a third fan posted.

"Vanessa Hudgens killed it in 'The Princess Switch.' Hope she gets 3 times the pay and 3 Oscar nominations," a fourth fan tweeted.

"Watching 'Princess Switch 2' and Vanessa Hudgens plays not one but THREE roles including a bit--y blonde there’s some real Oscar buzz here," another wrote.

Meanwhile, Hudgens recently opened up to CinemaBlend about playing three different characters in one film, revealing that it had been a confusing experience.

"I try to just map out what I’m going to do so I try to remember what to react to. It’s all very confusing to be honest," the "High School Musical" alum said.

She continued, "It’s all very time consuming, because normally you would do a scene, do a wide [shot], do everyone’s coverage and move on, but with this you do a wide, you keep the wide there so they can put everyone together and then I just have to go through every character with the changes in between and then my stand-ins would do the scenes as well and have to learn all the different parts. It’s just very, very confusing especially after a long day, my brain would definitely be fried."

"Princess Switch" already has a third film lined up, which Netflix announced in October. Hudgens confirmed to Pop Sugar that she won't be adding another character to the list for the third installment.

"There will be still three of me, which is more than enough in my opinion," she said with a laugh. "We've been working on the script, continuing to elevate the franchise because it's always scary doing sequels. But it's going to be fun. There's going to be great 'fits. I'm really excited."

"The Princess Switch" and "The Princess Switch: Switched Again" are available to watch on Netflix. The third film is set to debut on the streaming platform around Christmas 2021.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens is not engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Austin Butler. Pictured: Hudgens attends the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on Aug. 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California. Getty Images/Rich Fury