• A number of fans want Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard and play Mera in "Aquaman 2"
  • Some are eager to see Clarke reunite with "Game of Thrones" co-star Jason Momoa
  • Heard earlier confirmed that she is still on board to film the "Aquaman" sequel next year

Amid calls for Amber Heard to replaced in "Aquaman 2," a number of social media users already have an actress in mind to take on the role of Mera in the sequel: Emilia Clarke.

Calls and petitions to have Heard removed from the "Aquaman 2" lineup were reinvigorated recently after Warner Bros. asked her ex-husband Johnny Depp to resign from "Fantastic Beasts." As for which actress would replace her, some fans are hoping to see Clarke as the daughter of King Nereus and princess of the undersea kingdom of Xebel, a role that would reunite her with former "Game of Thrones" co-star Jason Momoa.

"Petition for Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman because she's so much better for the role and because Khal Drogo × Khaleesi... ya know," one wrote.

"Petition to remove amber heard from Aquaman 2 lightin up on my tl and ppl requesting for Emilia Clarke to take the role O M G Momoa x Emilia once again DAMN!!!" another posted.

A third user tweeted a petition to replace Heard with Clarke, writing, "#FireAmberHeard We want #EmiliaClarke as #Mera."

"I think she'll be a fantastic replacement," another user said of Clarke. "Aquaman is already a joke to some, you don't want him to look bad even further by letting Amber Heard be Mera still."

The speculation that Clarke could replace Heard in "Aquaman 2" has been a topic of discussion among fans for months now. In November, artist and art director BossLogic even shared artwork that reimagines Mera as Clarke.

"Finished a piece that a had a little time for today. Mera @emiliaclarke," he wrote on Twitter.

However, others feel that there is no need to replace Heard because she portrays the role well. "No thanks, we already have an excellent Mera," one fan commented.

"No F-way!!! If you replace Amber for speaking her truth, then DC movies suck and I won’t be watching any of them anytime soon!!! And I might even start a protest!!!" another added.

"I agree Amber is an excellent Mera, her personal life does not have to interfere with her work life," a third user wrote.

The petition to remove Heard from "Aquaman 2" has already received 1.6 million signatures. More signed the petition after Depp said last month that he resigned from the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise at the behest of Warner Bros. studio.

However, Heard shot down rumors that she will be leaving "Aquaman" in November, telling Entertainment Weekly that she's "excited" to start filming the sequel next year.

"I'm super excited about the amount of fan love and the amount of fan appreciation that Aquaman has acquired and that it has garnered so much excitement for Aquaman and Mera that it means we'll be coming back," she said. "I'm so excited to film that."

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